Friday, October 28, 2011


Dear Husband:

You know how you hate all that clutter that currently takes up an entire spare room in the basement? The clutter that you have moved over and over and fills way too many (in your opinion) boxes marked CRAFT STUFF? And you wonder why on earth we need all that stuff? And why can't we get rid of some of it?

It's so when I am in the middle of sewing Halloween costumes-- and I come to a point where I decide that the ties for the apron need to be just the right shade of yellow, and I really don't want to pack everyone up and drive all the way to the craft store,

I will happen to have, buried in a corner, some yarn in that perfect shade, and (inexplicably because I don't crochet...but I guess I tried to learn once) a crochet hook, which then enable me to make just the right thing for the costume at the exact moment I need it, and thereby my creative flow is not interrupted, gas is saved, and children can continue watching, "It's the great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" rather than being dragged to the "favric store".

Doesn't that make sense?

Now do you get it?

I know you guys get it.

What are they going to be? Here's a hint.


  1. Total and complete sense. Glad your creative flow wasn't interrupted. Can't wait to see the final outcome. Lawn gnomes?

  2. Hope to see photos of the finished products. You are a good mother. Of invention.

  3. TOTALLY makes sense to me! Can you convince your father in law now? He doesn't understand the concept at all. I think Travis takes after him.

    Can't wait to see the costumes.

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished costumes!
    Reading your blog always make me have a great sense of humor.:)

  5. Greetings from Finland!

    I just found your blog and I have to say I love it already! You have such cute kiddos and I love your taste.

    I had to link your Rolled Fabric Flowers -post onto my blog. :) Definately gonna try it out some day!

    Have a great weekend!

    Suvi This is our story - part two

  6. haha, yes! ry will be happy to see his idea come to fruition! this is going to be so dang cute, i can already tell.

  7. What I want to know is if those old spoons are still in your craft bins??

    Taylor has informed me recently: 'you know, you've completely filled our children's closets with your craft and holiday stuff. Some day they're going to be bigger and actually need that space for their stuff.'. My answer to that: we'll need a bigger house by then ;)

  8. I totally get it. I might have to steal your letter to give to my husband. :-)

  9. See hubbies everywhere? Our closets of clutter work out!

    And I loved your last pictures...I was staring at your beautiful quilt as much as your beautiful boy!

    (I am signed in the wrong's really Elizabeth.)

  10. haha, yes! ry will be happy to see his idea come to fruition! this is going to be so dang cute, i can already tell.


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