Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Felt Ball Garland for Christmas

I meant to make a felt ball garland last Christmas but it seems lots of other folks had the same idea, because by the time I got around to ordering my supplies, they were super back-ordered so they ended up coming after Christmas. Which is perfect because I often buy things for Holidays and don't get around to making them until the next year anyway.

So here it is next year... and since I already had all the supplies, I've made it! And though I haven't actually started decorating yet (though I have picked up a few festive things from Ikea already), I thought I'd share it in case you'd like to make one too, you'll have time to do it this year!

Making a garland is easy as pie (can you thread a needle?).

What you'll want to know is where to get the felted balls.

You can either buy them (I got some here I used the 2 cm size, spectrum and retro).

Or make them. I did a bit of both.

To make your own felted balls:

Pull off a handful of wool roving and ball it loosely in your palm

Run it under warm water and form a loose ball

Add soap...enough to get a good lather (any kind will work as long as it lathers).

Start to roll the wool between both hands in a ball like you are rolling dough into a ball (Sorry I didn't have anyone around to take a picture of that). Roll gently at first. You can roll a little more vigorously once the ball starts to firm up.

The fibers will start to "felt" as you continue to roll while running wool under warm water and add more soap as it washes away.

Keep rolling and rinsing. You can alternate between hot and cold water to shock the fibers if you want...I have found it works with or without doing this.

Your felt ball will look like a ball and be firm-ish.

Sometimes you will get little cracks where the ball didn't quite come together. Don't worry.

Just wrap another thin layer of roving around the whole ball,

Add more soap, and roll between your hands again until the outer layer has felted to the under layer.


And perfect for little hands to help with too.

Now just thread that needle and string up your beads (I used embroidery floss). You could tie a knot in between each ball but I didn't bother because I kind of like the haphazard spacing. The felt grabs the string well enough that it stays mostly where you place it. I used about 70 balls for a 10 ft. garland spaced like I did.

What I love about these garlands is that they are really just festive for any occasion... I think mine is going in the nursery after Christmas and it might get hung for birthdays too. Why not.

Need some new Christmas music to listen to while crafting? I can recommend this. My favorite song is, "Baby its Cold Outside." Its so cute...she is singing it to him. Clever. (And are you watching "New Girl"? I love it. I hope it doesn't get canceled. Oh boy its funny.)


Happy Felting!


  1. I love the felt garland, but what I love the most are the dimples on each knuckle of Avery's hands.

  2. ooh i might have to add this to the list of projects that are stacking up...

  3. Oh, that is so cute! (I was just thinking about this the other day randomly. I was trying to figure out if I can get an Anthropologie birthday coupon and I seem to remember you mentioning that you were considering buying an Anthro garland last year for your b-day? Maybe?)

    Excited to check out She & Him Christmas...thanks for the tip!

  4. So cute, Danielle! I've been wanting to make our Christmas color scheme a little more broad this year and this would fit nicely. Adding to list of projects...

  5. Thanks for the great how to instructions. I am going to give it a try!

  6. I LOVE this! I must have one of these for our tree. Linking up this week at Tangled Happy. Thanks so much for sharing this. :)

  7. You are so crafty! I love this. And Taylor is making us watch the New Girl. I have to admit I didn't love it at first, but it has definitely grown on me. Last night was really funny!

  8. The stocking is amazing!!I want one...or two:)

  9. I love the stocking too, where is it from?

  10. The stocking is from Lands End but I got it last year...;( I doubt they still have any.

  11. This is soo cute!!! How much felt would you recommend buying to make 70 balls?

  12. Brittany,
    Well...it kind of depends on how big you make them and how tightly you felt them, but I made about 12 from a 0.8 oz package of wool roving. So you could buy individual colors that size and do a dozen of each or buy a larger sized package of white or natural roving and dye them...

    Hope that helps!

  13. It does! I never thought about dyeing them! Such a great idea! Thanks so much!

  14. This is just the thing I was looking for. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I bought the goods now to make it! Love the idea and colors!

  16. I'm craft challenged, but this looks like something i could do. If I purchase the balls, how many do you think I would need to space them through 80 inches of string (that seems to be the typical length of garland being sold). Thanks for the help! ~jayne

  17. oh geesh, i just clearly read what your already stated "70 balls for a 10 ft" doh. Thanks!!

  18. What a gorgeous idea. Making a xmas felt garland... it looks so sweet.
    Has inspired me.
    Thank you.

    Check out my blog (if you fancy it - we are all creative, crafty women after all):



  19. Beautiful result! Something I'd hang on my wall all year long!

  20. Love the project. I must do it! Thanks for sharing.

    Just mentioned your project on my blog: www.vesqueres.blogspot.com


  21. Where's a good place to get the wool roving?

    1. I noticed that Joann's Fabric has roving for $2.99 a bag, not sure about shipping or size tho.

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  23. how did you get them to be the colors that they are?

  24. Did you use a special needle or just a regular sewing needle?

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  28. It would be even more fun to just take cat fur and dog fur and wash it and just make it from them, using poke berries and dandelions for dye

  29. Do you thread it as it is wet or do you wait until it is try?

  30. This is such a cute idea! I saw it on Pinterest, and I think it's one of the projects I'll actually put to use. :) Thanks so much for sharing. The colors are perfect! XOXO, Erin

  31. I cant find the printable town for the masson jar I click on the clink in the video and it says link broken

  32. This felt garland DIY project is so cute. Did you thread it?

  33. I HAVE to try these felt balls! Thank you for a gorgeous post - loved the pics and the colors!

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