Wednesday, April 18, 2007


When I told my husband I had made a blog, the first thing he asked me was, "Are you going to write one about how great I am, and how nice, and wonderful? I think you should. In fact I'd like you to have a memo to me this afternoon outlining all the nice things you are going to write about me." This is funny if you know Trav. I guess its funny anyway. So for starters you should know that I work a lot of nights (I am a nurse), which is just crappy anyway you look at it. However, my very thoughtful husband sometimes (often) brings me dinner, in the middle of the night, which is nice because it spares me the cafeteria food, and he is giving up valuable sleep hours to spend time with me. He is a sweet guy. No surprise there. The first time we hung out I had sprained my ankle and he put HIS foot in the bucket of ice with me so I would keep mine in. He is almost always happy. He never starts fights...ever. He always says sorry. He tries really hard to be a good person. He is a much better house keeper then me. He is without guile. He is more sensitive then most people know. He laughs a lot. He takes really good care of me, and really all he asks in return are some scratches on the back. These are not all the nice things about Trav...just a few.


  1. I LOVE THIS! And if it's anything like my "Happy Posts" once you sit down and start choosing to focus on these sweet things they just come. And come. And come. And could that picture be any cuter?

  2. Trav is one of my very favorite people! Once I actually married Mark and he realized I wasn't a bad, mean person...and I got to hang around with him, Mark and you...I realized how very sweet he is! You two are perfect and I can tell he loves you very, very much.
    P.S how cute that he brings you food in the middle of the night! now that is romantic and thoughtful!

  3. em posted on my page, that's how i knew.

    p.s. tell trav hi and i think he is great.

  4. Oh I remember that ankle icing moment like it was yesterday! Don't you have fond memories of our charming little house and all who dwelled within? I do :)
    Um, that pic of Trav is presh. And that is AMAZING that he brings you food at night. Lately Taylor gets up with Blaine FAR more often than I do (middle of the night, first thing in the morning, you name it)while I--the lazy slug--slumber away in a serious coma. Husbands are the best.

  5. I missed out on most of you and Trav dating, so I don't know him really at all, but from what Kate tells me, he is your perfect match, he loves you kazillions, and your name really should be changed to Princess Danielle. :) Good for you for having such an awesome husband!

  6. What a lucky girl you are! And I have to say that Trav is pretty lucky himself! I love you and miss you bunches! Can't wait to get to know Trav more when we head out to the happy valley next year!
    love, love, love ya!


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