Monday, June 11, 2007

Vegs Baby

It's fun to get out of town for awhile... a chance to shake things up, think about life, and escape the confines of my very small apartment. This weekend we went to Vegas with my family. It was fun. We stayed here:

At the Venitian. Its a pretty nice hotel. Good thing my dad was there to pay for it. There are lots of fun things about the Venitian, and having been to the real Venice... I have to admit, some advantages. Like for example, the real Venice smells pretty bad. Real Venice has amainzg food, but fake Venice had some pretty good food too:

and Gelato. Yum!

We saw Phantom of the Opera and my FAVORITE!!!-- a Cirque de Soleil show called "Love". If you haven't been to one, you should's the most amazing entertainment ever! Me and my sister Vanessa have similar fashion sense when it comes to dressing for these kinds of things. I promise we didn't coordinate.

It was a good time, but alas too short. I did however enjoy the ride home, and day dreamed about my next adventure while staring out the window. I hope that real Italy is on the horrizon soon.

Next time, I think I will try to take better pictures!


  1. Cute skirts!! and you two are cute sisters! Oh I'm jealous you got to see LOVE and PHANTOM! How much fun! Glad that you had fun! Oh I want to get away for a weekend...your pictures will have to do for now. Let's chat soon!

  2. I'm just so happy that you posted something! I click on your blog almost every single day hoping for some sparkly Danielle info. Thanks for filling the need! I've never been to Vegas, and I think it's high time we went!

  3. I'm getting all googly eyed over that picture of the Nevada Vast Expanse...I think that means I need to get the H-E-Double-Toothpicks outta Texas. (At least for a little while.) I'm glad you had fun. I miss you and I've missed your sparkle in the blogiverse, too.

  4. Taylor and I totally love Vegas and are not sure why people have to dog on it sometimes. Sounds like your trip was a ball--we can't wait to hear about LOVE--we've been curious. We are huge Cirque fans. Dare us to see Zumanity? J/K NO THANKS! And I love your skirts and their wearers soooo much!

  5. I like Liz have been missing your absence, but who am I to talk, it's been 12 days since my last post. I guess now that you have posted something the pressure is on :)!
    I am so jealous of your trip. I have always wanted to see a Vegas show. Ahhhh, someday! Everytime I go I just sit infront of the Bellagio and watch the water dance to music. Now thats my Vegas entertainment!! Ha, I'm a nerd.

  6. Danielle, first of all, thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! Wow, that made me feel so great...I still feel great...still feeling great. Second of all, I love Vegas! I was planning to take Jeff there this summer, but we'll have to wait a little longer I think. We went there for a tradeshow for his work last summer and went to the Blue Man Group, but I really, really, really want to see Cirque de Soleil. If you can believe it I actually watched an entire performance on Discovery or something and ever since then I've wanted to see it live! And Phantom, that's another one on my list too...I just saw Les Mis a month ago for the first time. Glad you had fun...we should do something sometime (if that wasn't ambiguous I don't know what is), but I'm always down for some good sewing and I have a couple projects I'm working on, and my kids do love the Gateway water fountains. My place or yours?

  7. Last time I was in Vegas I was with Brian and I ended up throwing water on him in a fit of misguided anger. BUT...what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and he has since forgiven me:)

  8. ok, cute red skirt! I have the same one! your sister's is just as cute, too! LOVE THAT STYLE!!!


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