Thursday, June 21, 2007

more fun, more fun

Two weekend's in a row we have had fun adventures. I don't know if we are stir crazy from three years in Omaha with nothing to do but school and shoveling snow, or if we are subconciously trying to enjoy this little window of time when we have jobs to pay for things, but no kids yet and a little bit of free time. Either way, we are having quite a lot of fun. This last weekend we headed down, with a bunch of friends, to southern Utah near Capitol Reef National Park, where our friend Bobby was nice enough to invite us to his Family's ranch.

This is Bobby:

This is his ranch:

So the first thing we did was drive on down the road and check out the park. It was beautiful. I love the way the rocks down there tower over you in these bright crazy colors. Trav pointed out that if you didn't know better, you could easily think that you were on some other continent or planet. True.

We all cooled of by splashing around in this waterfall:

Stewart had a harder time on account of his legs being six inches long:

After a nap and a shower we headed down the road to dinner at Diablo's

Don't be fooled by the name. It's heaven. The owners/chefs use lots of their own home-grown herbs and vegetables. Between the five of us we tried almost everything on the menu. So good.

Here are a few:

Rattlesnake cakes:

Some sort of Steak item (I am not good at names of meat):

Mandy's ribs:

and for dessert:

And the best best part was the view from our outside table:

You wuold think that after all that food and fun we would be spent for the night, but no...we still had things to do. You see, we had planned on making home-made strawberry ice cream, and despite the fact that we were stuffed and had each consumed a good 6,000 calories...we just couldn't give up the dream. "My gosh" you say, "How fat are these people?"...pretty fat my friends--pretty fat. So on the way home we stopped here:

to get the ingredients for our treats (I mean who could pass that place up?) Plus we had fun discussing chemestry trying to remember exactly how the whole salt ice freezing thing works. I love that stuff. Anyway, second dessert was delicious.

My friend Mandy and I had fun making the ice cream while the boys were out shooting rabbits. Gross, I know but they do love to shoot things. Don't worry, I don't have a picture of that , but I do have a picture of when they got the truck stuck in the mud while hunting bunnies. Silly boys

After a long full day, we were off to bed, and alas in the morning it was back to real life. We packed up and went home. Back to our jobs and our dirty apartment. We were still full of the excitement and fun and made several hopeful statements of the, "We should do stuff like this more often," variety. So who knows what fun lies ahead huh.


  1. Looks like you guys had lots of fun and ate lots of good food!! There's nothing better then that! I say live it up when you have the money and the free time...go somewhere at least once a month....LIVE IT UP GIRL! I'm excited to hear about your next fun adventure...can we come on one of them sometime???

  2. That looks like so much fun! And that food looks very interesting and delicious. I haven't had homemade ice cream in so long. Have fun on all your adventures while you can!

  3. F-U-N! Wahoo for you! I'm with Kate--live it up. Not that your life sucks after kids or anything, but it's definitely different. Summer of '05 Taylor and I traveled around like gypsies and it was the greatest thing ever. So gorgeous in Southern Utah. Taylor and I need to get our booties down there. Loved the narration and pics--you are so fun!

  4. Mmmm, you've whetted my appetite (for fun and food.) Sometimes I wish I could be on another continent (or planet) or just somewhere that wasn't muggy and F-L-A-T! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog about findinf our sparkle. I love "sparkle" -- thanks for coining that term. I think it's the perfect word for what we all want to feel inside. It looks like this little get-away infused your cute soul with sparkle :) I hope so.

  5. p.s.
    and I heart that picture of the orange flowers (I think maybe they're some sort of poppy??)
    good job!

  6. You are just a travellin' fool aren't you? I can't wait for you to come home!!!! And it's funny that you asked if we could hang out you think you have a choice?
    What day are you coming anyway?

  7. Fun vacations! All I can say is that I really want to go swimming in that waterfall right about now, and how the heck did they get their ribs to stand up like that? It's like you don't even want to move it or else the whole thing will come crashing down, but it looks delish! Glad you had a good time!

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  9. Hey Danielle, looks like you are having fun! I FINALLY got the song I want on my blog. I had to use a slightly different method than the one you referred me too, but it finally up. Thanks for the help!

  10. Who is Rodrigo? So mysterious! So I know your on a trip... you always are... I'm jealous... but I wanted to leave you a comment anyways! I hope you are having fun on the houseboat...and with your family. I guess that's it. I just felt like I needed to communicate with you somehow.


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