Monday, July 9, 2007

A place called Shasta

So here's the thing...I like blogs. I like reading them, I mostly like writing them...except for when I don't. The thing is, sometimes I just get bored with my own thoughts. Does that ever happen to anyone else? I mean I just get sick of what I have to say. Also, I think there are times in my life when I just feel like spending more time doing things and less time talking about things. I am all kinds of crazy--I know this. So anyway, here are some pictures of some things I have been doing. I went on a pretty long trip house-boating with my family. This is what I have to say about it:

Oregon produce=good
Oregon smell=good

The Lake

Lake People:

Ryan and his friend JackieBobby, Ryan , Darren, and Mandy
Ethan and Ryan
My dad


Mandy got a coldI got a sunburn despite the religious application of SPF 50
Booby's self portrait breakfast


Unhygienically preparing dinner/nipple piercing

Patriotic dessertOn our way home, at a gas station in Weed, CA.
I am sorry to say, the stereotypes about where I am from are true...people there think this sort of thing is funny. So did Ethan.

then there was this guy...who actually does look like several people I went to high school with. I have to admit there was a time I considered dread-locks as a hairstyle choice...but that is a story for another post. One of the highlights of my trip...seeing my long lost friend Traci, baby Emma and husband Mark. You really couldn't ask to know nicer people! Sorry for keeping you up so late;)
I had to post this because this photo pretty much sums up my mom. The night before flying back she asked if I wanted her to make me a couch bed. I said yes. She pulled out some leopard print sheets and a sheepskin blanket. Yup that's my mom.

Thanks to all of you who are much less lazy than me and do a much better job of keeping us up to date on your goings on. I really do enjoy reading about it.

I also want to mention my Great Grandma Lila. She is a person worth having something to say about. She just turned 106 . Wow...good jeans. They did a little write up in the newspaper. To see it click here.

ps. Since when do stamps cost 39 cents?


  1. Oh Shasta is so pretty!! It reminds me when I came down and met up with you, Seth and Mark. We were so in love, and then I decided to break up with him when I left. What was I thinking???? Obviously I wasn't! It was tons of fun though! I was always so grateful to your family for their hospitality for letting come for a few days! Looks like you had a fun trip! I wish I could see your tan in real life.

    Well it's official that I am jealous of all your traveling ways! You are inspiring me!

    ps. I remember when stamps cost 20 cents. Tip: go buy a book of 'forever' stamps and you can use them even when they raise the price need for penny stamps!

  2. Looks like fun! Glad to see a new post! We should still hang out while I am in Utah. And I answered your question about the header picture on my blog. Hopefully you saw it. And sorry about the sunburn... I feel your pain!

  3. Ha ha! I loved that picture of the stoner bumb! That was so high school in the northwest wasn't it?? People look at me like I'm retarded when I tell them the ultimate WA style is shaggy hair, Goodwill shirts and jeans, and Birkenstocks. Your trip looked like a fantastic one, and I don't mail letters often enough to know how much stamps are. I just ask Jeff for one when I need it, but it does make me say "what the heck!" to know that they are already 39 cents when they just changed it like a year ago!

  4. New post from Danielle=Very Good!

    Ooooh, your trip looks like so much fun. Is it hard to be back to the grind of reality? You're cutting back at work, though, right? I miss you.

    Hope your sunburn's mellowed. call me :)

  5. We are soooo glad that you came to visit us. It was so nice chatting with you. Thanks bunches for that DARLING dress you gave Emma. She wore it the next day at church and it was a hit! We will send you a picture soon. We can't wait until we move closer too!!! I love you Danielle!
    ps that bed of your moms is hallarious!

  6. Dear Danielle, I have quite enjoyed your SPARKLE. You are my sweet, sparkling grandaughter. It looks like you did get the plum dress. I took that picture of you and Travis when copying other pictures today...ones of your Cousin Gabe's new little son, some of Dana's & Kirk's little guys. The one with the helmet is Caleb who recently had the miracle of getting to the neurosurgeon he needed. If you saw him on and the incision in the top of his head..surprisingly that incision is where the Dr. went, down between the lobes of the brain, by the soft spot and the "hole" goes out at the base of the head. And he is sitting up playing with toys a little later! The incision could not be made by the plugged ventricle which caused the hydrocephalus, the Dr. said it is by the opticle nerve and could blind him. Your Dad might understand this.

    Loveya, Grandma B.


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