Tuesday, July 10, 2007

why my husband is a better person than me

Warning: this is a very braggy blog...so just read accordingly.

A few weeks ago it was our 4th wedding anniversary. A few weeks before that I called trav at work one day to inform him that for our anniversary he would be cleverly purchasing this cake plate on Ebay to replace the almost identical one that his mom gave to me at my bridal shower, and that he susequently broke while overzealously plating a cake.

Thanks Honey...How did you know...It's just what I wanted

He informed me that he had already gotten me an anniversary gift, (Whoops...so had I) which turned out to be this computer, which I had been visiting at the Apple store from time to time, hoping to someday--as in ten years from now, bring home with me.

I know I am sooo spoiled...I agree. But the funny thing was that in the very same conversation, he informed me that he too had bought himself an anniversary gift from me, that very afternoon, which turned out to be the shoes I knew he had wanted and was actually planning on getting him.

Which is funny because if you know Travis, you know that he has a thing for shoes, and that he didn't really need any, as he has a few pairs already (by the way, yes his shoes really are that organized, complete with shoes trees and all...which is another reason he is a better person than me and a subject for another blog altogether)

But gifts sometimes are not about what you need, but about what you dream for, and all in all I'd say I made out BIG on this anniversary. Plus you will be glad to know I have forgiven him completely for breaking my favorite cake plate, and that he came home empty handed on our one year anniversary. I would have anyway, but I do love my new computer. He is so thoughtful and generous, and big ticket gifts aside... I have the best husband ever!


  1. What a sweet hubby! Very thoughtful. Macs are the best!

  2. I agree with my sister! It is always good to hear from people in the blog world. My sister used to update me from time to time on some of her old roomies, but it has been awhile! I will add you to my blog so I can get updates. Otherwise, I won't remember! Thanks for the comments about my Naomi. She has been very fun! It was good hearing from you!

  3. I'm totally impressed by his shoes! Quite the collection for a guy!

  4. I love you cake platter too, and the dishes behind it too. You have such great taste! I think that Mark and Trav are going to get along great, Mark would be very envious of his shoe collection! Nice Mac!

  5. I giggled through this post! I love you two! You make me happy! and i wish I had as many good looking shoes as Trav!!!


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