Saturday, August 18, 2007

What were you doing at 6 am this morning?

...because I was watching a building collapse.

They blew up the Key Bank building in downtown Salt Lake to make room for the new City Creek Center. Travis has an awesome view from his office, but unfortunately they evacuated it so we watched from a nearby parking lot.



Here it is in action...sorry no sound, and by the way this is my first time putting a video on YouTube.
(click play)


  1. so Awesome! Oh wait I didn't get up for four more hours....what's my problem??

  2. Well I'm a little jealous. We were tempted to take our boys down for the show, but they were pleading for the public to stay home, so we obeyed. I'll have to show them the movie -- little boys are so impressed by that kind of stuff.

  3. liz, I didn't know they wanted people to stay home...oh well. There are several other, much better videos on you tube now so maybe you might want to show your boys one of those...although I do not want to be responsible for your children discovering You Tube, just for the record.


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