Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Serendipity Baby

Today we spilled half a bottle of vanilla extract on my husband's computer bag and the floor and after realizing that the computer was fine, and the floor was fine-- and cleaning up the mess, I have been smelling the wonderful vanilla aroma all day long. Delightful.

Huh...happy accident, maybe I will start wiping things with vanilla on purpose now. Sniff. Ahh.

ps. I know this not technically the definition of serendipity...but it is a lovely word.


  1. It did smell lovely! Thanks for the fun!

  2. When Sophie was 18 months old she broke my brand new bottle of Ralph Lauren perfume Romance. I was hysterical (the bottle was 80$). But-the bathroom smelled divine. I know what you are talking about!

  3. ARGH! I am catching up on all of these posts dying about how gorgeous you are and how I would love to go hunting for milk glass items with you and how Molly Beick made you a music note key chain because you were always singing on the vball court and how funny you are! I have a serious Danielle void in my life that must be filled!

  4. That really is the best smell. Better than vinegar or something pungent like that!

  5. I LOVE Vanilla! I think it's a turn on for men too. Have you heard that before? Well needless to say Mark loves it and that's why I have a few bottles of Vicki's vanilla lotion. Too much information? :)


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