Thursday, August 23, 2007

does anyone else think this is ironic?

I forgot to post this picture when I wrote about watching the key bank get knocked down. This guy is standing there with a air filter mask on his know-- to protect his lungs from harmful substances when the building comes down--while smoking a cigarette. Priceless.


  1. Ha ha that is ironic! Someone should tell him that he is MOronic!

  2. Well I for one won't be surprised when this is the first guy signing up to be a part of a class action law suit due to the accumulation of dust particles that has supposably accumulated in his lungs (nothing to due with inhaling poisonous nicotine!)!!!!
    [I needed to add a few more exclamation points!!!!]

  3. Jeff and I were laughing so hard when we saw this. Phew, good thing he brought a couple cigs to clear out his lungs from all that dust.

  4. i would say less irony and more oxymorony. but if i'm gonna get that technical, i gues oxymorony isn't a word.

    irony it is then.

  5. Hi. I miss your blogs. I know you've got your hands (and your belly) full, and looking at the computer screen probably induces vomiting...but I'm just sayin' -- I miss ya :)

  6. That's perfect.

    The only way it could have been better would be if he had punched a hole through the mask to smoke it.


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