Wednesday, September 12, 2007

If it's a girl...maybe I'll name her Nancy

So I know I have been a little absent from the blog world lately. And there is a perfectly good reason....

It's because I have had my head in the toilet for the past few weeks.

There is a good reason for that too.


Yup you guessed it.

So this is my first time being pregnant, and it's still pretty early (7 weeks!)
and I think there might be some sort of rules to
when you are suppose to share this news, but I have never been very good at keeping surprises. Plus I am really really excited.

And really really sick.

And really really nervous.

So I would LOVE (and
need) any advice you have about anything pregnancy related. PLEASE! Seriously, anything. Like I don't know when I am supposed to start getting maternity clothes. That's such a dumb thing to be thinking about already I know...but I am not sure what else to focus on...besides hitting the toilet and not the floor. And should I be reading a book or something. And will my child hate me when it comes? Does anyone know the answer to these things? Oh and I am pretty sure I am a fruit-etarien now...why didn't anyone tell me that would happen?

I have a lot more to say on this topic (being pg and being a mom), but I will save that for later. It's still sinking in.

For now I am just pretty happy about it all.


  1. Oh look at that! a real positive on a pregnancy test! Thanks for sharing that pic! It truly is a sight to see!! I actually have no advice, obviously. But you sure got me nervous about my impending motherhood! Should I be reading any books??? Oh dear! I have looked but then have absolutely not a clue as to which one to buy! NERVOUS ALL OF A SUDDEN! and it-s only 5.5 weeks away! YICKS!

    How I do hope that your bathroom antics end soon, because that sucks! And I know I-ve told you like 10 times already, but WE are so excited for you and Trav! A baby Wilson is just what this world needs! Love to you and your baby too!

  2. Hooray! So, so excited for you. You guys are going to be fantastic, fun parents, and I can't imagine that your child will ever hate you even for one second. Sorry about all the puking. I say eat what ever you want -- fruit is good. Lots of vitamins, and not too, too awful-tasting on the way back up. I have three pregnancy books, and I think you should borrow all three of them -- when can I bring them over? They're the perfect reading for when you feel terrible and are too tired to focus on anything else. Also, I wouldn't buy maternity clothes until you absolutely have to. You get so sick of them by the end, it's good to put them off. Just make sure you have some comfortable pants to wear in the meantime. Please feel free to call me if anything is bothering/worrying you -- I am a pregnancy "expert" you know :)

  3. YAY!!! I am SO SO SO excited for you!!! I've never been pregnant so I can't really give any advice, but I'm really happy for you guys. I'm super baby hungry myself right now, so I'm excited to hear all about your prego experience. Sorry you've been sick though!

  4. That is sweet! Some people love being pregnant, I was not one of those. Being sick and only eating fruit if anything sounds about right to me! It will get better and you will learn what to do and not to do to help the sickness. I know you've heard this many times by others, but it's obviously well worth the suffering!

  5. Oh my gosh I am so excited for you. hooray! I am sure I have tons of advice somewhere for you but really the only thing I can think of right now is to get the book Girlfriend's guide to Pregnancy. I love it. I read it every pregnancy. Get ready to get obsessed with anything and everything about babies. Also, it doesn't hurt to start buying maternity clothes. It is just so exciting, why wait.

    Sorry you aren't feeling well. But at least you have a perfectly happy reason to be! Take care.

  6. So for two days now (well, ever since you did this post,) I've been trying to think of some little pearls of pregnancy wisdom...and all I can say is enjoy it! It's such a magical thing your body is doing.

    And I was totally a fruitetarian, too -- I think it makes for cute, robust babies :)

    And the Girlfriends Guide is a really fun read.

    And I love you. (And your baby already!)

  7. I'm just so darn excited! Definitely borrow Liz's books. She has all the necessities, including "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and "The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy." She also has a great book about teaching your babies to sleep. And I'm a believe because I did what the book said and Blaine ditched all of his bad habits and now sleeps 12 hours/night and 2 hours every afternoon. I don't think you'll need any reference materials for breastfeeding, but if you do, just dig out all 9 research papers you wrote on the subject. :)

    p.s. Do you really want to name a girl Nancy? You've never told me that before.

  8. Oh, I'm a dumby. Taylor just said that's a Nancy Sinatra song. So now I get the Nancy reference.

  9. Congratulations! That's so exciting! And I'm sure I would be very nervous if I were in your shoes too--because you want to be the perfect parent, but that just isn't possible, so just be your best and that will be plenty!

  10. haha Anne, I was wondering if anyone would think that. was in reference to the song.

  11. You are so funny! I love it that you think your kids are going to hate you! I'm sure I deserve to be hated by my kids everyday, but they always love me no matter what. About maternity clothes, spend good money on them. I've found that a $70 pair of jeans that I LOVE is better than two pairs of $30 jeans from Motherhood (which I absolutely hate that store by the way). There is a really cute maternity shop you should check out in Salt Lake called Expected, and it's on Union Park Avenue. It has way cute stuff, sometimes expensive, but soooo cute. Downeast also has maternity T-shirts that I wear everyday underneath other shirts and they are only $10. Can you tell I've done ALOT of maternity shopping??? I can't wait until you know what you are for the baby is the best part! Sooooo excited for you!

  12. So I don't even know you and I'm excited for you! There seems to be a new wave of babies in the blog world lately. Congratulations, and I hope the sickness gets better soon.

  13. i second the girlfriend's guide. hilarious with lots of very practical advice and answers to questions that other books just ignore.

    and on maternity clothes, you probably don't need them for a good long while yet--i started wearing them at 25-26 weeks with both of my girls, but get some comfy pants because somehow your stomach will get bigger by the end of the day, every day, and you will just love your yoga pants beyond all reason by about 6 pm every night. and if you wear longer shirts, looping a hair elastic through the buttonhole of your pants will get you a long way too when your regular pants are too tight but maternity pants fall off.

    if you're going to shell out $$ for anything, do it for three good pairs of maternity pants. go cheap on the shirts, but paying some extra for pants is worth it.

    and i know some people say not to worry about exercising when you're pregnant, but for me it makes the biggest difference in the world. i'm kind of hardcore about it, but even just a little walk every day will make you feel so much better, and it somehow helps with all the muscular/skeletal pain near the end. it just sort of aligns everything back again to where it's supposed to be.

    and drink TONS of water! i would get awful headaches and water would make them go away, which was good because you're supposed to be avoiding things like ibuprofen (tylenol is okay).

    also i found that i could eat fruit when everything else looked awful.

    ok, sorry, that was a lot and i don't even know you! but i can never pass up a plea for pregnancy advice.

    but really, i love being pregnant. i always feel so much more beautiful, because nobody sees my figure flaws--they just see the cute little tummy!

  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!! YOU WILL BE A GREAT MAMA! I love having all of Annie's friends having babies!


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