Monday, October 22, 2007

time for a new post?

Gosh its been so long since I wrote anything, but I feel like I haven't done anything to write about recently. Pretty much everything exciting happing in my life is actually exciting things happening in my friends lives, some of which I got to be a little part of...

like cute Charlie's birth

and cute Kate's baby shower

...but you can read about all that stuff on Kate's blog. I can't really do it justice. That takes a mother's touch! Needless to say I am really really happy for them and he is a really really cute kiddo.

Um, I got my first pair of maternity pants, although I am still not sure I need them yet (unless you count the fact that none of my pants fit me anymore). Also I bought the exact same shirt in a size large, that I bought one year ago in a size medium. So that was fun. Oh and we are going to San Diego this week for Trav's work conference. (say a little prayer for us that we don't caught in a wild fire!) Oh and I was delighted by my recent trip to Costco, not only because of lots of free samples, but also because of my new friend Troy (he's not really my friend) who's job it is to Karaoke serenade you while you shop so you will be enticed to actually buy a Karaoke machine. It really was hard to keep a straight face (and refrain from singing back-up) as I walked by him during his ultra serious rendition of "In the Ghetto". Plus he was wearing a cowboy hat.

So there you go.
another (really wonderful) baby child is born (but not in the ghetto).
baby shower.
trip to costco.

oh and I ate an entire can of Pringles while writing this.

Well sometimes no news is good news, and boring can be relaxing. So we are grateful for that. Also grateful that you all have interesting, funny, important things happening in your lives to entertain me.

sorry about the two minutes of your life you spent reading this that you can never get back... and that you will have this song stuck in your head for a week.


  1. I'm glad you finally wrote a new post! You make me laugh. And imagining the guy singing karaoke at Costco really made me laugh.

    So did you watch Pushing Daisies? I'm in love with that show. I could marry it if I weren't already married.

  2. Pretty sure you are the funniest girl I know. Those were two of the best minutes of my life. And I like Dolly's version better than Delores'. But don't tell her. She might be sad. And your fruit ka-bobs were gorge.

  3. MMMMM....pringles. I can finish off a can on any road trip (and I am NOT pregnant). I ate two cans in one day during finals week freshman year. I'm glad you're doing well and enjoying food now.

  4. ha. props on the pringles. you're my favorite sister.

  5. Ok this was probably my favorite blog I have read today. I just chuckled at its "normalness." Life is good lady!


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