Thursday, November 8, 2007

goodness in a bowl case you were wondering, people really do make the recipes that you put online, so all your hard work is not going to waste!

I made Taylor's super yummy spinach soup last night and it was so so good. It tasted like a big bowl of fresh healthy goodness. Mmmm. Seriously-- for anyone who doesn't read his food blog-- you should. He knows his stuff. I pretty much followed his recipe except I doubled it and also added cream (which is one reason the Wilson's are a little bit fatter than the Croppers). Yum I think I will have it for lunch!

Thanks Taylor!!

ps. Thanks everyone for your book recommendations! I really appreciate them.


  1. Amen to everything said in this post.

    Your soup and toasty bread looks beautiful and yummy.

    ANd I love that you added cream.

  2. haha... the adding cream comment made me laugh. A little fat makes everything taste better! Why is that?

  3. Everything is better with cream :)


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