Thursday, November 15, 2007

I've been tagged

I am really bad at following through on stuff like this. Chain letters. Recipe exchanges. Bad. I never did do the the last tag I got, so I figured I'd better redeem myself-- although to be fair, I was vomiting most of the past three months. So seven random things about me:

1. I daydream about living in a
treehouse ala Swiss Family Robinson, or The Lost Boys. And I do believe in Fairies.

2. I really like rocks...a lot. I also like science and music. My mom was right. I do regret quiting piano, but am trying to teach myself again. And I wish I had a nicer singing voice.

3. When I was little I wanted to change my name to Olivia, because I felt that "Danielle" did not
adequately capture my true self. I have grown to like my name, but I still feel like my face doesn't look like me. Does that make sense? Like in my head, I look different than I do in the mirror...more expressive maybe.

4. I have always had a pretty clear vision of my "style". I am not saying it is good...just that I know what I like. Like when I was 4 and I insisted on a purple striped leotard instead of a pink one...even when my mom tried to bribe me by throwing in pink tights with the pink leotard. No dice. Or at 5 or 6 when I got her to cut my hair really short and perm it because it was the 80's and that's what all the mom's at Jazzercise were doing with their hair. I was obviously very mature for my age. I cried after she did it. When I was maybe 8, I got my mom to sew me several outfits because I felt the Rogue Valley Mall did not have the kind of cutting edge fashion choices I needed. Like what you ask? Let's just say there was a plaid blazer involved. In sixth grade I wore an African/Rastafarian hat and vest to school. Seriously. In high school, where I was known to sport things like bottle cap belts and multicolored leather pants, I was once told by a boy that he would like to see me wear an entire normal outfit just one day. What can I say...I had flair (see #3).

5. I have wanted to be: A fashion designer (see #4), a shoe designer, a furniture designer, a floral designer, a landscape architect,a recreational therapist (yes that's a real thing) and nurse. I'm a nurse, but I watch project runway and secretly scheme about getting on the show. I like making things.

6. Among my young women church group I was voted (OK we didn't actually vote...just discussed) most likely to be the first one married with a child, because I really love/d babies. I am officially the last (at least with the child part).

7. People sometimes think that I am a know-it-all, but I prefer to think of myself as confidently giving my best educated guess when a question is asked to me. I don't think that I am always right though. I just expect other people to say what they think too.

I tag Vanessa and Anne


  1. I loved this...I totally laughed out loud during most of this, and all the way through #4! You crack me up! My questions is how are we friends??? I feel like am a totally boring person compared to you! I mean if I got tagged it would be so totally lame and boring! (I need to perk up!) I mean I never wore a plaid blazer, or wanted to wear multi-colored leather pants...But I do love Project Runway! Did you watch the premier on Wed? I wish we could have PR parties...I fully support you going on the show!

  2. I loved reading this! It is nice to learn some things about you I didn't know. Thanks. BTW, I think I remember vaguely though, the bottle cap belt and the leather pants... awesome!

  3. Thanks for playing, Danielle! I just had a feeling that we'd learn some crazy cool stuff about you. I would really like to see pictures of some of these fashion statements.

  4. Hey Danielle, I want to put music on my blog like you do with those tiny little task bars, how do you do that?

  5. Oh I am still laughing... I remember the rasta hat like it was yesterday! I will take your tag challenge. Just gimme a few days.

  6. You DO know your style and it's fabulous.
    You also could have titled this post "5 Reasons why everyone loves Danielle."
    I love your authenticity and how true you are to yourself -- Even coming clean about tree houses and fairies.

  7. Danielle, I just read Anne's post and want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday! Hope it was great!

  8. Oh Danielle I loved!!!! reading all these facts about you but dangit it made me miss you!! I am SO sorry I missed your b-day I was thinking of you all day. December 1st sticks out in my mind for 2 reasons, your birthday, and the day I watch "White Christmas" every year. And you know what, I didn't watch the movie and I didn't call you to wish you a Happy Birthday. I failed this Dec. 1st. Sorry, but I love you to pieces! Happy Birthday and Happy Christmas.


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