Monday, January 21, 2008

12 inches of Snow

Our new house...and the foot of snow Trav got for his very first commute!

In case you don't believe is the proof, all the way to the top of my Wellies.

OK so we have successfully moved, for anyone who was wondering.

We have not set up our cable or internet yet, but happily several of our neighbors are "letting" us borrow their wireless connection, which I am OK with seeing as we single-handedly supplied several neighbors with internet for two years in Omaha.

No, I did not over-exert myself thanks to all of our fabulous family and friends who did all the heavy lifting. I felt slightly guilty watching several boxes labeled "craft stuff" and "heavy" being lugged down the elevator, into the truck, and then back out of the truck again. Thanks again everyone for all your help and for letting me hardly lift a finger. So the moving was a breeze, unpacking may be another story. We are still knee deep in bubble wrap and boxes, but as soon as we wade through and finish this business I will post some pictures of the inside.

We went to our new ward on Sunday and are pretty excited to be among families again. And I already have a new friend. Well technically she is my brother Ryan's friend, but she lives three doors down, is super nice, brought us chocolate cookies while we were unloading the truck, and has a new baby, so I am pretty sure this whole move was meant to be. Plus there are officially no weird smells to be found here, so basically I couldn't ask for anything more.

...well except maybe more garage space. Oh well, next house.

(Informer anyone?)


  1. Very cute!!! I want to know where it is and all the details. Email me, k. So glad you are out of your apartment!

  2. It feels so weird not knowing where you live? Like I'm lost and I don't have my bearings!

    I need a big city visit soon...can you tell!

  3. OK I'm dying laughing here because just a couple weeks ago I said to Taylor, "Remember Snow and the song Informer?" We had to YouTube it and watch that amazing video. Licky boom boom down. ;)

    Oh and I love your new house and car. But I'm mostly excited about Informer! ;)


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