Monday, January 21, 2008

We're calling it an early Valentine's gift

So we got a new (to us) car today.Because we thought that we didn't have enough to do this weekend...what with the moving and all.
On Thursday night Trav got to thinking about the fact that he would have a longer commute now, and that our truck really wouldn't accommodate a car seat (OK we have been talking about it for several months).
So by Saturday morning (in between picking up the moving van, and loading it) he was at the Audi dealership test driving cars with his brother Doug.

Mid-Saturday, while loading boxes with cell-phone to ear, he was engaged in some heavy and mean negotiating with Mike the car guy.

And by tonight (Monday) this shiny car was sitting in our driveway. This, from people who took a year and a half to move out of their one bedroom apartment. When it rains it pours I guess.

And besides... Trav assures me--It was all about the car seat.

I love you Honey


  1. Hey guys -

    Nice! Those Germans definitely know their way around an automobile. Great buy. I'm sure Mike the car guy went home that night wishing he'd never gone into car sales after Trav was done with him. Did he actually cry or did his eyes just get glossed over as he wrote you the check? Yeah, as HE wrote YOU the check.


  2. Ha Ha,

    To be honest, Mike may have uttered a well placed cuss or two during the transaction. They even tried to triple team him, which turned out to be for naught.

    If for nothing else, those three years in law school got us a sweet deal on a car, WITH a free Ipod stereo thing.

  3. does this mean in addition to old microwaves i get an old car too?

    yes i will help you unpack, but you have to admit that i don't "owe" you anymore.

  4. Kate here: Lovely new car! I'm so proud of you two...a new place to live in, a new car to drive in and all in one weekend! It's a January miracle!

    Your life is so not boring...all this stuff and new little one coming right better get ready!

    Oh, and can I go for a ride in the new ride next time we come down to visit??

  5. vanessa- no and yes and thank you.

    kate-true and yes!

  6. Snazzy! (Are you still breathing? teehee, you know, just one anxious/apprehensive purchaser checking up on another :)

    I hope you soon-to-be-three
    have lots of happy rides in your new car!

  7. not gonna be a romantic valentines i take it?

  8. Law School has to pay off sometime! Right?

  9. Seriously, you guys should change your names too. It's the only thing that hasn't changed in your life the past couple of weeks! Congratulations! Love your house, love your car. Someday our family will be able to fit in one of those spruced up little rides again. For now it's all carseats, cracker crumbs, and $65 a tank. Where did you end up moving to? Email me, I'm dying of curiosity!

  10. I LOVE MY ONESIES!!! They are sincerely to die for darling! Thank you, thank you for making me and my Max feel so loved!
    Sincerely...I feel so spoiled by you.
    Oh...when is your due date? Do you have any names picked out?
    I am SO jealous of your car I could cry about it...well, that is a bit dramatic...but it is pretty much my dream car! Well, the LR3 is actually (Land Rover). Some people don't know what that car just in case. Bottom line: you are a lucky girl :) SO---enjoy it for the both of us.
    At this point B and I are thinking "practical" like a lame 'ol mini van or something. We missed the "Audi high life" days.
    I want a sexy new Yukon or something...but the gas is terrible. They are coming out with the hybrid Yukon soon...yeah, for like 65K or something sick!
    Wow, this comment is FAR too long!
    LOVE you :)

  11. so cute! and so exciting to have your new car be so fun and shiny, and not something like a minivan. you will be such cool-ridin' parents. :-)

  12. Shucks I was really hoping for a new, hilarious post by Danielle so I could sit here and read it instead of cleaning my kitchen.


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