Monday, February 18, 2008

my sparkle

(My pink cups make me sparkle)

So I have meant to, but never really explained the title of my blog. Although most of you either get it already, or have more to do in your lives than ponder the meaning of my blog title, I am going to tell you anyway.

So the story goes like this (yes there's a story):

A long time ago, (think early 20's) in place far away (OK Provo), I was on a lovely walk with one of my very best friends Emily (Em do you remember?), and we were talking as good friends do on walks, about life and boys and our dreams. I think I was struggling with trying to decide about a certain boy or two (who wasn't?), but other than that, was feeling generally like there was nothing fun going on in my life. It must have been winter. Anyway, I was just feeling...I don't know...blah. Like I wasn't excited, or feeling passionate or inspired by anything. So in trying to adequately describe my quandary, I said,

"Em, I just feel like I've lost my sparkle."

And that was the perfect way to describe it. And she got it. Because every girl wants to feel some sparkle in her life.

So there have many times since that walk that I have felt my sparkle wax and wane. But one thing I have realized is that the things that make us feel joyful as women, are often universal and help us feel connected to each other. And talking about them and sharing them with each other makes us feel...I don't know- more normal or understood (because for me the walks are really not about the exercise).

So when I started this blog, I wanted to share all the things that make me feel inspired and excited and fulfilled (OK and sometimes complain),

like creating pretty things,
or fun with friends,
or making a home,
or my funny sweet husband,
or my someday dreams,
or right now excitement

because it's my sparkle, and I know you get what I mean.


  1. I love it! I think I even remember Em using the phrase sometime years ago and saying you came up with it. :-)

  2. It's just the perfect way to put it! and I think you're very sparkly! and I think your baby girl is going to get her sparkle from you.

    {and every time I'm over at your house I love to drink from your pink cups - they are so pretty and dainty and totally you!}

  3. I like the story/explanation, and it is kind of what I imagined the intent to be when I first saw the title of your blog--I think that means you have done a good job helping this blog fulfill its purpose and live up to its name.

  4. One thing I like about blogging is that it makes me want to live a more sparkly life. Do you know what I mean? Like who wants to read a blog about a girl who watches Law&Order re-runs all day? But wouldn't you like to read about a girl who sews aprons and injects her cupcakes full of frosting? That's what I thought. (And then in the meantime I'm happier and more sparkly. It's great.)

  5. oh, how well you put this! and i totally know what you mean. there are some things that just make me so wonderfully happy, even when they aren't a big deal, and I just feel so delighted to be in this wonderful world. even something as small as sunlight sparkling through a glass bowl of oranges. just happy things. and i totally agree with mrs. cropper on why I love reading blogs like yours. :-)

  6. I love the title of your blog, and I didn't know that story, but like you said, I think every girl knows what you are talking about. I'm glad you found your sparkle again, and it's so much easier to have a sparkle when you've got a husband and friends to share it with, right?!

    Your belly is so cute, how fun! You look super tiny by the way. I would have expected it to be poking waaaay out there, but you just have a little bump.

  7. I am laughing right now...b/c Jimmie has a Thomas the train movie and the conductor has gold glitter that is magical and that helps him travel and he calls it his sparkle. So every time I read your blog and see the title I think of that Thomas movie.
    Thank you for clearing things up for me :)

  8. The sparkle concept is one of my favorites -- ever. Like so many other things, you just captured that girly need for spice and pizazz and pretty things so perfectly. I love your sparkle -- it can wane a little, but I hope you never lose too much of it. So glad I was privy to that first sparkle discussion...and many thereafter. Love you.


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