Tuesday, February 19, 2008

someone needs to explain moderation to me

So I made monster cookies this past week. The thing about my life, in case you didn't know, is that until recently most of my belongings have been in storage for about a year and a half--including my recipes. So its been a long time since I made these and I forgot that I usually cut the recipe in half or fourths because it makes so many. Anyway, I went ahead and made the whole recipe this time pausing only briefly as I cracked a dozen eggs into a bowl thinking, "I'm pretty sure this all fits in my mixer"...

It didn't--

hence the pot, which was the only vessel I own big enough to contain the cookie madness. Anyway, a few of you that I pawned my baked goods off on (mom remember when Ethan said that?), asked for the recipe. So here it is.

Monster Cookies
Serves 144 (that's no lie!)

12 eggs beaten
4 C. sugar
4 1/2 C. brown sugar
1 lb. butter (yeah all 4 sticks)
1 T. vanilla
1 T. light corn syrup
3 lb. peanut butter (6 3/4 C.)
8 t. baking soda
2 lb. 10 oz. (14 C.) quick oats
2 C. chocolate chips
2 lbs. M&M's
*optional can add 1-2 C. flour for thicker cookies

basically you just dump all the ingredients in a huge bowl and mix them together like any other cookie recipe (wets together and drys together) chocolate chips last. Then use an ice cream scoop to scoop onto large cookie sheet, 6 to a sheet...they get BIG. Then kind of smoosh them down a little flat and cover with M&M's:

Then bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes ( I did 12), till they are as big as your face:

When they are cool individually wrap them and enjoy!

I loved when my mom made these as a little kid...I mean, who doesn't love an enormous cookie.

So ready for some irony? The day before I made these I failed my glucose tolerance test (which if you are girl and have ever been pregnant you know what I am talking about, and if not then you probably don't care). So that means not only do I have to go back to my doctor and do the 3 hour fasting glucose test to make sure I don't have Gestational Diabetes, I really shouldn't eat sugar. So unfair.

So have a cookie for me.


  1. Hey there! I just saw your link on Vanessa's page and had to laugh when I read your most recent blog about the cookies, because I totally remember your mom making those when we were little! Good times! It's been so many years since I've seen you, but so glad to see you happy and expecting! Congrats!

  2. Wow, those are some monster cookies alright! Sorry about the glucose test. I hope everything is ok!

  3. Your mom must be famous for her monster cookies, because that is one thing Tim associated with her visits when he was younger, too. And that is one large recipe!
    My doctor told me that sugar is his one recommendation for things to be careful about--which of course made me much more aware about how much sugar I eat...or maybe it made me crave it more...

  4. oh YUCK. i am so sorry for you that you have to drink that nasty stuff again (do you have to drink something the second time? I don't know). but I hope everything is okay!

    if it makes you feel better the doctors freaked out after my first baby was born because she was so much bigger than they expected and they thought I had gestational diabetes and they hadn't caught it and so they ran a million tests, but everything was fine. :-)

  5. Blaine calls these "cookie monsters." Which is pretty darn cute. He got to eat some on his way home that night and pretty much died when he saw this post. "Cookie! Monsters! Want some!"

  6. It is so fun to see people on blogs. Well I talked to kate the other day and she said that you live in Salt Lake and your husband finished law school. That is really cool but the fact that you are expecting is the best news. I think that this is your first but I don't know. There is nothing like your first. I am so happy for you. You will love it. Yes me and Matt got married and we have two kids. We live in Nashville TN while Matt is resident at Vanderbilt Medical Center. We like it here. Hey I love the post about your sparkle. It make perfect sense. If you can't tell my kids are my sparkle. And I think that I will have to make those cookie even if it is the total daily allowance of cal in a day

  7. I am SO craving chocolate and those cookies are the devil! lol. I want to come over to your house and gorge for the both of us!

  8. oh, just reading this made me miss these and want some. i think i'll make some too. unless you have extras still lying around by sunday...

  9. Those look AWESOME! I hope the test was a fluke and the re-test turns out just fine. It would be so sad not to be able to eat any of your own cookies!

  10. I always get crazy when i make these cookies!

  11. Um I want one of these cookies! Stuff some in the freezer for surely we will be down to visit soon, and we'll help eat them for you!

  12. I just re-read this and laughed really hard at the title!


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