Thursday, February 7, 2008

Our week in pictures

It has been snowing... a lot.
And when it's not snowing it's really cold,
But that doesn't stop Trav from golfing.

On Sunday it snowed so much that they canceled church. Then the snow plows totally piled all the snow in our neighbors driveway. So these cute fireman who had been called to a house nearby for a false alarm, pulled out their shovels and did some community service. It kind of melted my heart a little bit.
A few friends got together for lunch to celebrate Anne's coming babe. Of course I forgot my camera at lunch but snapped a few shots afterward at our house.

Blaine loves his brother...ahhh.

Charlie's CUTE bum

Dainty little ClaireIt was a good week. Maybe next week I will get some stuff unpacked, and be a more interesting writer. Oh well.


  1. Wow that is a LOT of snow! It's getting a little out of control isn't it?
    Wish we could have been there with you all and with all the cute kiddies. What fun pictures.

  2. Snowing like crazy is right. It was in the 70's earlier this week here!

  3. Thanks for having us over. It was fun to see you and all the babes. I can't get over how cute Blaine is with his mama, and Charlie! He is a cutie. Thanks again!

  4. Those pictures say it all for me, Danielle.
    I know what you mean about the Meyer series. Sappy for sure. But I am a sucker for brain bubble gum! :)

  5. Shucks, those are cute pictures! Charlie's little bumm, especially! Thanks again for such a fun get-togethie.

  6. oh, i miss everyone. and wow, trav! leaving no question in our minds about his manhood -- golfing in the frigid! studly :)

    hope you're staying warm. Love.

  7. That was fun! Thanks for organizing the event! Can't wait for your little girl to join the party!!

    Trav golfing in the snowy winter confirms his love affair with the sport! Dedicated! And you are the picture of a supportive wife sitting there all bundled!

  8. So fun to see you the other day! I just think you're awesome Danielle, such a nice, genuine person. And Charlie's bumb IS sooo cute!


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