Sunday, February 3, 2008

Why the Cropper's are 3 1/2 of my favorite people

...because when you move they make you fabulous cupcakes, and deliver them in a really cute bakery box (which is a thing I really appreciate).

And not only are they like the best cupcakes I've ever had (of course they are)...they are injected with frosting...that's right...just like hostess, only waaaaay better.

plus they make really cute (and well behaved) babies. Why don't I have any pictures of Blaine?

Can't wait for number 2.

Oh and, they are the only one's who get my really vague references to obscure 90's Canadian reggae/rap artists, and old country singers.

and that's why I love them.


  1. The Cropper's are good favorites to have! and those cupcakes looks sensational!

    Oh...and, "they are the only one's who get my really vague references to obscure 90's Canadian reggae/rap artists, and old country singers." cracked me up!

  2. I want to eat cupcakes infused with frosting. Yum! I'm curious how you came to be a fan of "obscure 90's Canadian reggae/rap artists". Old country singers I get. I was a huge country fan in my elementary days.

  3. Did you know that they went from your house to my house to make calzones with my kids? Excellent people indeed. I'm told the frosting infusion can be accomplished with one of those little plastic syringes that comes with baby medicine, if anyone is wondering -- Mr. Cropper is resourceful like that.

  4. Frosting injected cupcakes? That is SO cool! Croppers are some of the neatest people around. I'll never forget the way they took care of us while I was in the hospital having Henry -- food, magazines, the best company, even an easter basket (I honestly get a little misty thinking about their kindness.) And I'm seriously considering flying them out for birth number two.

  5. I'll be looking for the recipe on Taylor's website - they look tasty!

    Congrats on the house and car! What a fun weekend for you.

  6. Gosh, Danielle, what a treat. I'm sitting here blowing nasty gunk out of my nose ever 10 seconds telling Taylor that I've been having a bad hair month, and then I see such a nice tribute to my little family and it makes me feel like a million bucks! Thanks! And yes, I get you. And all of your obscurity..."Detective man said daddy snow stabbed someone down the la-a-ane. A licky boom boom down." Love it!

  7. They are seriously a power couple! I love them too! And can you please not post something that deliciously tempting on your blog when I am trying to be good? I changed my mine....Dang those Croppers! ;)
    Love you and hope you are well!


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