Friday, February 22, 2008

smart people

Do what she said and check out this if you are feeling up for some lively political debate!


  1. I'm not sure mark will comment after all...he sat down once, but just gets so sidetracked with all the other things that steal him away on the computer. And he figured Jesse already made all his points. It's pretty interesting to read though! I've been back about 10 times today! Embarrassing, do I have a life???

  2. Your cookies look so can send some my way if you want!

    I can't read that post anymore. It's so exhaustive and everyone has a different opinion, and as far as I can tell, it's the opinion that benefits their way of life. My observation tells me that no matter what kind of healthcare system we end up with, most people won't be happy, like usual!

  3. Guess what? Max is wearing his elephant onesie today...handcrafted by YOU! I'm lovin' it...and just wanted to tell you I think you are lovely and talented.


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