Monday, March 31, 2008

bad cliche

Yesterday I woke up at 4:50 am, unable to go back to sleep, and with a strong desire to

1.) Clean my kitchen (what?), and

2.) Sew some burp cloths.

So I did

And then I made two for dinner and one to freeze (you know--for when the baby comes!).

So I'm pretty sure that I've officially hit all the big pregnancy stereotypes now. And if I've missed one...there's still time.

Oh and thanks for all the super nice comments about my belly and wall hanging. You made me blush a little bit.

Happy Monday!

ps. If anyone wants a super easy sewing project...burp cloths are great! I can tell you how I did it, but it's probably obvious from the pictures.


  1. You are going to have the most stylish baby on the planet -- none of mine have been graced with designer burp cloths. You're looking great, and all that nesting stuff is so funny. I'm not sure if I really do that -- most of my late-pregnancy memories are of being exhausted and sleeping a lot.

  2. Your number 1 made me laugh! Look at you all nesty and stuff! And I'm with Liz, that babe of yours is going to be so super stylish!

  3. those are DARLING!! Can you start teaching simple sewing classes? I'll be your first student! I'm so jealous of all of your cute projects! I'm linking you to my blog so its easier for me to spy on you!

  4. are so insanely talented that I don't know whether to be green with envy or pink with admiration. I think I am more pink than green :)
    All of your creations make me want a little girl SO badly! DOWN with blue/boyish blaze!

  5. Okay, your burp cloths are inspiring, because I need a very basic sewing project to get me started. I don't really know where to begin, so if you want to give basic instructions to someone who hasn't sewn since jr high home ec, I'd love to learn.

  6. I was wondering if your early rising habits were an everyday occurrence (your 6:47 a.m. comment on Kate's blog got me wondering :)
    Nesting is kind of a strange phenomenon, but don't you love it? I wish I could have that kind of energy and motivation all the time.

    Darling burp cloths...when can I place an order, Mrs. Wilson?

  7. Not fair! I was totally going to sew you burp cloths for your shower this week! Yours are way cuter than mine would have been...I guess I need to figure out something else!

  8. I love all of your craft projects, every thing's so cute! My friend sent me a link the other day to a blog I hadn't seen before called soule mama - I linked it on my sidebar. But I thought you would really like it, it's mainly about being creative with your kids. She has lots of cool projects that I think you would like. Anyways, it made me think of you and all of your creativity!

  9. I cleaned like crazy towards the end of the pregnancy. It was nuts!

  10. Well I don't ever think that i got the nesting. but maybe. I don't like to wake up early so that might be my problem. But I did love limes and lemons and anything sour. And I love all the sewing projects that you are doing I might attempt one soon.

  11. This is julie btw aus our my friends sorry about the mix up

  12. I definitely want to know how you did those- super cute!


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