Friday, March 14, 2008

for colleen (my mother in law)

I thought you might like to see where our salvage yard finds ended up in this house.

(this is the landing on the stairs going up)

Maybe I'll actually hang these up someday....probably not though.

(above the bookcase in my new "office")

OK back to baby stuff!

Happy Friday.


  1. For Colleen and the rest of us who love to see where your treasured finds end up. Love the diamond of tiles (ceiling tiles?)

    Sorry I never called you back...I will. Promise.

  2. You've always had a good eye for stuff like that. I wouldn't know which ones are cute and which ones are just nasty. That's why I go to stores where people have already made that decision for me :)

  3. Creative and inventive! You have "the eye" for that kind of thing.
    Can't wait for that "creative, inventive" baby room to be complete!

  4. Oh how I love all your stuff! It looks sensational on those walls of yours!

    We should go antique store shopping one of these days! or is it called antiquing? I don't even know!

  5. I love your ceiling tiles. Are the other ones baseboards? So fun!

  6. so fun! i love things like this!

  7. I saw those in the other pic and thought that was really cute. great Ideas. I bet your whole house has those cute ideas. Those are my favorite things to do find something that someone would call junk and make It something i like


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