Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We are FINALLY getting some of the getting ready for baby stuff done.

Like buying a crib.

So our very nice friends the Butlers gave us a hand at attempting to set it up, which you can read about here.

But alas one faulty part, and one broken crib later, with the Butlers on the road home again, I was left to do the job myself.

(and PS. they are my heroes for making the store give us new pieces...I am a wimp about that kind of stuff).

Well when I say " left to do it myself", I should say, I was too impatient to wait for anyone else to get home to help me do it.

So I improvised.

And I must say I am pretty proud of my very pregnant self.

Although I must admit, the heavy lifting might have contributed to the more-than-my-fair-share of contractions later that night. So as I soaked in the tub freaking out about premature labor and playing out rushing to the hospital scenarios in my head, I couldn't remember exactly how many days pregnant I was...which is vital information if you are going into premature labor...and then I remembered my countdown widget that tells me this very important info, and I said a prayer of gratitude for blogging.
And after a back rub, my contractions finally stopped.

And yes the walls are blue, and yes we are having a girl...they are really more periwinkle and pretty, but darn that cold northern facing light!

So stay tuned for more girlish touches to come.

Anyway, I am really wondering about crib mattresses. Any advice or help in this area would be greatly appreciated. What kind do you have? Do you love it? Hate it? Is it worth spending more on? Help!


  1. I thought all crib mattresses were the same -- obviously you'll want to solicit advice from someone else about that :)

    Here's what I do know, I love the color of those walls. And I love all of the little glimpses we're getting of your house -- you're good. Real good.

  2. Oh it looks really cute... and it will be even cuter once you get the bedding in there! I'm with Em. I didn't know about that foam thing! I will suggest that you get the t-shirt fabric sheets (I'm not sure what the fabric is called, do you know what I mean?) they are so soft and are way better then the Target brand. Someone got me some from Wal-mart that I love.

    I hope your crafts are coming along... ;) I'm glad you got a kick out of that email... and thanks for the directions! Your so smart to figure that out.

  3. Oh one more thing, I'm with you - I hate northern light. It's so depressing and cold. But I still think your walls are beautiful.

  4. I really like the paint color and I'm sure I would love it even more in real life. And your crib is darling! I can't wait to see it all put together.

  5. Hey Danielle, I left you a comment on your blog a few days ago but I realized I didn't leave you my blog (My profile doesn't list it)! It's madsenmadness.blogspot.com. in case you want to visit. But, this doesn't in any way obligate you :)
    yeah, our crib mattress has somehow survived two crazy boys. I think it's a Sealy from Babies R Us. Not very expensive. The kids turned out ok... for the most part ;) Just make sure it is enclosed in vinyl!
    I love the walls too!

  6. one of my pregnancy books gave the advice to just get the cheapest on the market, because if you look at a sleeping baby, they're in a heap along the side of the crib anyway. which i thought was a pretty good point, considering how both of our children have generally found the most comfortable position to be with their arms and legs draped through the sides of the crib with their little backsides in the air.

    so we just bought a fairly cheap one, and made sure it was flame retardant and waterproof, and then bought a nicer mattress pad to soften it up a little.

  7. I have this great book called "baby bargains". (Wendy Winterholler recomended it to me...remember her?) It has advice and comparisions on everything baby. I love it!! I think it said to just buy the cheapest. Your baby will not know the difference. 2 babies later I have not had any complaints. (at least not that I could understand) Good luck. I can't wait to see the room finished!

  8. I bought the middle of the road mattress...not the most expensive and not the least either.
    You'll be fine with whatever you choose.
    CANNOT wait to see more with the baby room. Do you have any names picked out?

  9. Danielle, I love your periwinkle room! I think it looks fantastic, even in northern light. Your windows are big so I'm sure that helps to let in the light a little bit. Mattresses...hmmm, we love ours. It's a Sealy and I'm pretty sure it was expensive, but we got it on Craigslist for like $40-$50 brand new. I really don't think it matters as long as the mattress is pretty firm. And those sheets Kate mentioned are great! Are you so excited? I am! I just thought about your cute octopus chair...her room is going to be so fun! Ahh, William is stuck under my bed...I don't know how he got there!

  10. I'm usually pretty cheap about stuff, but the crib mattress is one thing that I did spend a little more than usual on. I didn't buy the most expensive one, just one that was nice and firm.

  11. Did you know that after three boys, I finally got a girl and I painted her room blue too? I love it.

    On the mattress question -- our first one was CHEAP and only made it through two babies. The outer covering (vinyl, I think) fell apart. Our second one wasn't especially pricey, just a little sturdier. They definitely don't need a ton of back support. Go about two steps up from the cheapest, and you'll be great. Oh, also, some people use the mattress for a toddler bed later, in which case you might want a slightly sturdier one. Still, middle of the road is fine -- if you have babies close together, you may find yourself buying a second one for the todder, anyway.


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