Thursday, March 6, 2008


So I have been working on making our home a little bit homier since we moved in.
I have always wanted my own little office/craft room...

And finally my wish has come true.

And my sewing machine finally has a home of her own.

I couldn't be happier about it.

It all started while I was trying to find cute quilt fabric for the baby's room (which is what I should be working on! Well I am...but its not quite ready to show yet), and I came across this cute fabric that I thought would make darling curtains. So I did, and then painted the wall a pretty coordinating blue. My favorite part is the the peekaboo of red at the top of the have to look close.

Organization can be so fun.

Want to come over and play fabric?

Here is what it looked like before:

And here's what happens when you paint when you're pregnant

Ok...better get busy on the baby's room!


  1. I think your room is just darling! Makes me want to come over and watch you sew. And come August....I might just do that! ;)The curtains are so great and I love the red in them. I can't wait to see your quilt too.

  2. Ooh laa laa! It looks fabulous! I knew it would turn out looking awesome! those curtains, wow! and the red lining... you're a creative genius! And even a place for your sewing machine... it's like your stars are lining up and your chi is centered. I couldn't be happier for you. You're just so organized, I'd be lying if I didn't say I am super impressed!

    Can't wait to see your baby's room tomorrow! Lucky me!

    ...and yes, I really do want to come over and play fabric!

    have I ever told you I want to be just like you??

  3. I would love to play fabrics. I love what you did. I have been working on my own playroom/craft room. It is a huge bonus room over the garage. But hard to mess play room/ craft. Not to kid not to adult.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Help. I am not really the best at that. I bet the babys room will be beautiful.

  4. I love it! You are so crafty and stylish. I seriously looove those curtains!

  5. SO darling! I love the curtains - good work! And YES...I tagged you! Have fun!

  6. Um, I kind of want to come take up permanent residence in your office/sewing room. Is that ok?

    It's perfect!

  7. I really love all of your decor (we've already talked about this)! I'm so jealous that you have a sewing room. Jeff is hinting at the possibility to finish our very large laundry room and make it a sewing/craft room for me! Oh, how I would love to not drag my stuff all up to my kitchen table when I sew! And yes, I'd love to craft with you. Call me if Trav is ever out of town for the weekend, because let's be honest, there's no way I could sew with you if my 3 children were running wild in your house! But I think you and I would have loads of fun sewing it up in your craft room!

  8. I am so jealous. It it too cute!!

  9. P.S. You'll appreciate the fact that I've just decorated my basement bathroom in the colors turquoise, coral, and white. I try and try to decorate with a different color, but the turquoise decor just pulled me in at TJMaxx!

  10. Hey! I want one too! I think a craft/sewing room is a brilliant place of reprieve for a mother/wife! I mean, daddy has an office, baby has his own room, and mom? What does mom have? She has a vintage, soothing, place to create and revive her brilliant sparkle. Love it.

  11. The craft room is too cute. Makes me want to be crafty!

  12. danielle, this is so adorable!! i wish i was as talented as you are.

    i totally cracked up at the paint picture of your tummy. i just ended up wearing an apron as part of my daily ensemble the last few was the only way my maternity clothes would look cute and not speckled at the end of the day!

    and btw, I LOVED the cup rainbow in the last post. too cute!

  13. Oh, you are so talented! Since your directions on making the onesies were so fabulous, do you have any easy DIY patterns or ideas for making a simple a-line skirt with an elastic waistband?

  14. It looks really great. What a fun space to have!

  15. Oh yes, I have a sewing machine :) I made a skirt before with a zipper and button closure, and it was just a bit over my skill level. I wear it, but with a longer shirt that covers up the slight gap between the zipper and button! I figured elastic would be so much easier (and more comfy to wear). No worries if you don't have a pattern you like, I just figured I'd ask you first since you're so crafty.


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