Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So I mentioned yesterday that we are trying to find a photographer to take newborn pictures after our baby is born. Christina was kind enough to recommend this cute cute photographer Skye Johansen, who I absolutely would have used, except it turns out she is expecting around the same time I probably no dice (still keeping my fingers crossed...pretty selfish huh?)

So I am back at square one and here's my plea...

Do you know of any cute photographers in the Salt Lake or Provo area who do newborns? I am kind of looking for one who has this style (above picture) and who will give me the negatives. Is that too much to ask do you think?


  1. My friend Meredith (formerly Oldham, don't know her last name now ??) takes great pictures and I know she's somewhere in the SLC/Utah Valley area. Her website is

    I like her work. And she's such a classy kind person. Maybe she could do your newborn shoot ?? If not, good luck! Can't wait to see the results!

  2. I know a girl who just graduated from BYU in photography and she's excellent! She does great work of all sorts and I've seen some really cool infant photography of hers. Her name is Kelli Saunders. Check out her websites:

    If you contact her, tell her you know me. Good luck!

  3. I am so glad that you are looking for that and thinking ahead i didn't and now regret it a little sorry i really don't know of any that do that exact thing but i know a couple of really good artistic photographers.


    Hi, my name is Lindsey- I found your blog (blog hopping) and I think you are so cute and witty!! Anyway, I have had a few photographers in the SLC- Provo area and I think Haley is by far my favorite. If you used her you wouldn't be dissapointed thats for sure! Anyway- good luck, and I hope its ok if I pop in once and a while to read your blog :)

  5. okay so I am a friend of Emily Yates. My most favorite photographer is Mary Kim at Let me just tell you; she is wonderful and VERY reasonable priced!

    She did our girls and our family and now my sister's little girl. Mary Kim is sooo patient!

    I would HIGHLY recommend her!

  6. Hi-Danielle
    Loved seeing Avery in live action.(also in her blanket) Can't wait to hold her!!! She is precious and loved your blog to her as you "stole" her first 5 days getting to know her. She'll cherish those words. (save them) lv, Greatie Aunt Lorin

  7. Oops! I'm not anut-- just a nutie aunt. Typo!!!

  8. While I am glad that you like my photo, I ask that you please remove it from your blog. I have the blogging option turned off on Flickr because this is a copyrighted photo.

    Thank you,
    Kristin Hayes


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