Tuesday, April 8, 2008

party people

So my husband will often call me from work and ask if I want to have a party that night. He's a very festive person.

"Want to have a basketball playoffs party tonight?"

See the trick is, when he asks me if I want to have a party, it usually involves doing something that I might not otherwise be exactly thrilled to participate in. We have lots of watching-sporting-events parties, occasional movies-I-don't-really-want-to-see parties, and a few boring chore like cleaning-up-the-boxes-in-the-basement parties (they aren't all about TV).

So what sets these party events apart from our regular time wasting evening activities you ask?

Well besides a sparkling attitude, it's mostly the treats.

Because who can turn down an offer for fun and treats? You'd have to be a communist.

Last night, at Trav's request, it was tuna melts and Banana splits (mine was mostly bananas and strawberries in a banana split dish...but still, I got to justify the owning of another set of cute, but taking-up-lots-of-cupboard-space dishes my husband doesn't quite understand the purpose of...he does now).

And calling it a party invites magical good energy to fill up your home. Like last night when Kansas beat Memphis in overtime, and in turn Travis won his March madness office pool (OK so he kind of already knew he was going to win before the game because he had more points then everyone else--hence the reason for the party--but I'm making a point here), and now we are going to buy something fabulous with the money. (See...sometimes gambling does pay off). It's serendipity baby. Or the Secret.

Either way, I think tonight we'll have a pack-our-bag-for-the-hospital, talk-about-baby-names, and pick-a-baby-photographer party.

Now what to make for treats?


  1. I love your party ideas, I love having partys ourselves...mostly the sleep over kind..where pjs are optional...:-)

  2. You guys don't mess around do ya? B&J all around! Those are quite the banana splits! YUM! I could go for a treat right now, myself...chocolate anything for that matter.
    You are so cute that you specified that your split was mostly banana and strawberry. I say, live it up...eat B&J all you want and deliver an 11.4 lb baby! haha...totally kidding. I don't recommend that at all actually.
    Speaking of birth weight I was talking to an OB in my old ward and he said that birth weight depended on placental placement and heredity...and very very little if anything to do with what you eat (unless you have Gestational D)...so, good girl :)

  3. Because I DO have Gestational Diabetes! Otherwise I would be eating nothing but ice cream...but I am racked with guilt every time I look at sugar, and I just wanted make sure nobody thought I was being irresponsible with my treat consumption. (even though I have had an occasional post dinner treat here and there...shh don't tell).

    And yes about the weight thing...I have sort of heard the same thing in my studies about GD etc.
    Also babies born at higher altitudes are bigger. Weird huh?

  4. Oooh, I love parties! Your banana splits look divine. I can't remember the last time I had one of those. We watched that game too. Mark was jumping up and down, yelling. I was afraid he was going to wake up Charlie... but it was a good one!

    and this post made me laugh. Your funny!! Can't wait to move back so we can hang out more often.

    and it scared me for a minute when you mentioned that you were packing your bag. I thought for a sec that it meant you were off to have your baby, but I thought that couldn't be... it was so nonchalant! Oh, but it is coming so fast!!

    ok, my baby is crying. I better stop being a negligent parent!

  5. Brady guessed the brackets right, almost down to the final score, which I think is kind of annoying! He and Travis must have similar views on basketball, but unfortunately, I don't think he wins anything for his good choices.

  6. So you do have GD? Bummer. Speaking of pregnancy woes, I'm nervous about my blood pressure although my doctor hasn't said anything about it yet. Anyway, you guys are fun. I'm curious about your baby name ideas.

  7. Everything's more fun when you call it a party -- good logic, Trav.

    Hope you can get him to come to your baby-name, bag-packing, pick-a-photog party -- I think your chances are pretty good, considering you attended last night's b-ball party. Still, make sure you've got some great treats :)

    I'm so excited for what's about to happen to your world!

  8. Those treats look so good! Hope your party goes well tonight!

    I was lurking on a blog that used this photographer - http://www.skyejohansen.com

    and I thought the pictures turned out great. I think she's a little over the top with some of the props, but the pictures are good. Good Luck!

  9. Fun, I wanted to jump through the screen and eat your banana split! Pretty pathetic since I had two orders of onion rings yesterday, and I'm feeling like crap today because of it, but those splits still sounded THAT good!

    I'm curious to know what baby names you came up with.

    And I'm curious as to what the fabulous thing is that you are going to buy with your new found moolah.

  10. ha ha, that is awesome! And...those look so delicious right now, my goodness! Always a fun idea to throw a party and indulge.


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