Wednesday, May 7, 2008

feeling better

So I thought I should sort of clarify the sick post. We both came down with what seems to be a an upper respiratory infection. Not too big a deal, but when your 11 day old baby gets sick, you get a little panicky regardless. Plus that first day waiting to see what her symptoms were, ruling out a high fever/RSV etc., was a long long day/night. You can bet I was checking her temp every few hours. NICU nurse mode kicked in and I was charting like crazy, keeping track of wet diapers, minutes eating, vitals signs...because really it was all I could do. I couldn't make her pitiful little cough or stuffy nose go away, or make her feel better. So we just cuddled. And she slept. And I didn't.

But we are both doing much better now. Her fever is down, nose less stuffy, and we have both been sleeping tons. So thanks for the prayers! I'm pretty sure they did the trick.

So eventually I'll start posting something besides pictures of my baby...but probably not for awhile. My dad let me borrow his super fancy camera this weekend when he came to visit, and I went a little photo-shoot crazy. People keep telling me to enjoy this time...they are little for so shat a period, so don't miss it! I feel like I have taken this advice to heart, although really it hasn't been too hard for me to want to soak up every minute of her. I have spent a lot of time writing and recording thoughts and feelings, and obviously picture taking.

But I am wondering,

What other great advice do you have for me and this newborn time?


  1. so glad to hear you're doing better over there--sick kids is just about the worst thing ever.

    ooh, newborn advice. well, one thing--do lots of fun stuff with your husband now that isn't necessarily kid-friendly, because avery will probably sleep through it just fine now but not in another two months (like going to movies, for long drives, or out to classy restaurants). take a bajillion pictures, because you can NEVER have too many digital photos (and they make great slideshows for your kids to watch as they get older while you're in the shower and you need a little entertainment to keep them from wreaking havoc). and last bit of advice--don't turn anybody down who offers to do things for you like bring dinners, even if you don't REALLY need it, because you can use that dinner-making time to do something you do need--like take a nap. last bit of advice--go to mommy activities, even if you feel silly toting along your sleeping little baby when everyone else has kids going crazy on the playground, because those live-down-the-street mommy friends are priceless and total lifesavers.

  2. I LOVE the photos!!! And I'm so glad to hear you all are feeling better. I've never had a newborn, so I have no advice, but I shall anxiously await the words of wisdom from the other moms. Rachael's advice sounds pretty good.

  3. Saline drops for a stuffy nose works great! The baby hates it but between that and I humidifier, stuffy noses don't last long. She is so adorable!

  4. SUCH cute pictures! I agree with the first poster that you should do less kid friendly things now because later you won't be able to as much. We were still able to go see movies (when you are up to it), eat at nice restaurants, & things like that when our girl was a newborn but now it's A LOT harder!

    Also, take time for yourself. I was SO TIRED all the time with my first. I thought I could NEVER set her down but my wise father told me that I needed to take care of myself too. So, I realized I don't need to hold her when she is napping. I can set her down & blog, or read, or play "mine sweeper". SO, make sure you get YOU TIME.

    Pampers were the best diapers for my newborns (I think each baby is different- some SWEAR by Huggies) but for backwards blow outs they worked the best for us.

    Syd did wonders with a lil' lullaby music playing at night but Rob didn't love it so I think it just depends.

    Those ROBEEZ (sp?) shoes were the ONLY ones I could get my lil' ones to keep on (some aren't pretty but you can find some cute ones).

    Wow, I think this is my longest post, sorry about that! That's all I can think of right now but if I come up with anything brilliant I'll let you know.

  5. Don't forget about the most important person in your life: Mr. Wilson. I remember the "Mom mode" taking over every part of me when I had James. Just make sure you take care of whatever ways make him feel loved/special.
    Don't treat Travis like your second child. I sometimes did/do this to Brandon and he resents it big time.
    Include Travis in decisions about Avery and make him feel like he is a good daddy even if he doesn't put her diaper on "just right."
    Sleep when Avery sleeps. You will not likely do this much when you have 2 plus kids. So enjoy it now.
    Keep a journal for her. Keep it simple...but record sweet things about her and her development in general.
    Oh, lastly...pampers swaddlers really are the best diapers ever.

  6. I love that we had our girls so close together and it would be lovely if they met some time. My heart so goes out to you about the sick period. I can't imagine. I've had a slight fever (mastiti--sp?, maybe) and that alone has felt totally overwhelming. I can't imagine if Zoe was sick on top of it. Avery is just beautiful and so are your posts about her. I have to tell you that I related so so much to your name post. The day we got home from the hospital (hours after we had written her name on the form), I mourned the loss of our "private" baby who suddenly felt very public. It was a hard feeling to describe, so it's interesting that you felt something similar. Anyway, I'm so glad Avery is doing better. My thoughts are with you.

  7. Wow! Those pictures are so angelic! You're doing such a beautiful job of motherhood, Danielle. My advice is to keep following your instincts; they seem to be spot on.

    I love you and baby Avery so much!

  8. I'm so glad she's doing better -- there's been a lot of puking at our house this week and I kept feeling bad for you with such a tiny sick babe.

    When I was home with my first baby, I kind of struggled with what to do with myself. He was a good baby, and I wasn't that overwhelmed by caring for him after the first few weeks. After that, what? Now, of course I have the opposite problem. Milllions of things to do all day, and never enough time to do them. I guess what I'm saying is, enjoy this quiet time when you can do some projects, or read a book, or watch a movie, or whatever you feel like doing, because in a few years, it will never be like that again!

  9. My advice is that when I move back you let me babysit for a couple hours while you shower, or sleep, or go out for a bite with Trav, or take a bath, or go to the temple, or go to a show or whatever you want to do. You probably don't want to leave her quite yet, I understand that... but you know when she gets to be a few months old and it sounds nice to take a mini break. I promise Charlie and I will take really great care of her, and Charlie will show her his cool fish toy. I think she'll like it. It's Charlie boy's fav.

    We used a cool mist humidifier for a whole month while Charlie was sick... helped a lot. And the saline thing was a lifesaver for us.

    Go out for a walk with her. She'll probably sleep soundly and a little sunlight really helps the soul and your mood. (I never got to do this and I really wish I could have so many times!)

    But really I think you are doing a perfect job. Sounds like to me you are doing everything right. I mean who else knows how to chart feedings and wet diapers like you do??

  10. You have a beautiful little girl and if you took all those pics by yourself... GOOD JOB!!!


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