Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Auction for Nienie

I am taking part in a blog-wide silent auction to benefit Stephanie and Christian Nielson. Stephanie and Christian were recently in a small plane crash and suffered severe burns, from which recovery will be long and expensive. Their families are asking only for our payers, but we thought we could do better than that.

I am offering these items for auction. The money will go directly to the Stephanie and Christian Nielson recovery fund. Please bid generously.

Bid on these items via the comments. Please bid in whole dollar amounts and make sure to indicate which item you are bidding on.

There is no minimum bid, but please remember that the money is going to help this family.

The auction will run through Sunday night (Aug 31st) at 8pm (MST). I will post the highest bidders on Monday. At that time you will need to pay your money directly to the Nielson's paypal fund (via the Donate to Nienie button on my blog or the family's website) and forward me your email receipt. Then email me your mailing address, and await your goods! My email address is:

There are tons of auctions going on today--for a complete list visit Designmom's website

Happy bidding.


Item #1 Tree Onesie
Hand made design using Amy Butler Fabric
Made from super soft and long Carter's onesie, size 6 months, long sleeved

(These hold up great to washing...I make and wash them all the time!)

Item #2 Bird Love Onesie
Hand made birdie design onesie
Made from super soft and long Carter's onesie, size 3 months, long sleeved

Item #3 Burp Cloths
Set of 2 burp cloths trimmed in Heather Bailey "Freshcut" fabric

(I pre-washed these before sewing, so they won't shrink up funny when you wash them)

Item #4 Hostess Apron
Handmade apron
Amy Butler fabric and pattern

(Has a little pocket and dishtowel loop on the front. Apron falls just to the knee.)


  1. $30 for the love-bird onesie.

    i am proud that you're my sister.

  2. I'll donate a hundred bucks if you finish my apron this next week and mail it to me!

  3. $20 for the burp clothes love all your stuff!

  4. I'll start the bidding on the tree onesie at $10. (Perfect since I don't know what I'm having yet, and it's cute for a boy or a girl!)

  5. $40 for the Apron

  6. $30 for the burp clothes, they are darling! You are amazing!

  7. $4o for the burpies and the love bird onsie, Erica, remember me from Omaha.

  8. I don't want to out-bid someone on a onesie so I just transfered $100 into your Key account that you can forward to the Nielson's fund. PS: The video of 'Ness and Avery is a crack-up. I love you, Dad


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