Thursday, October 30, 2008

because why not?


So Kate mentioned that I sort of forget to post pictures of some of my crafty endeavors...which is true. There happens to be a lot of crafting going on around here that never gets blogged about. I guess its partly because I feel like I am being braggy and that no one really cares about silly crafts, or the 27th onesie I made (which I am pretty sure is one could possibly care about that).

The other reason is because I think I don't want to feel like I am doing things just for the sake of blogging. You know what I am talking about. Its funny though...sometimes I feel like people are just so used to catching up with each other through blogs that if we don't blog about something, people just assume it never happened...or are surprised when there are things going on in our lives that weren't (blogged about). But that's a post for a different day.

However, I have to say that some of my favorite blogs are about crafts...sewing, painting, redoing...those inspire me. And really--really is mostly the reason I bother with all of this anyway (blogging). Well that, and barraging you with photos of our child.

Crafts and babies. What else could you need?

So here you go. A craft project that I did. Maybe it will inspire you. I firmly believe that you can paint anything (well except for upholstery...what's up with that Trading Spaces?) In fact I have a collection of frames from junk shops (I know you are shocked) waiting to be painted. But instead I bought this one from IKEA that I have been eyeing for months.

It used to be black...and now it's pink. It took about 15 minutes. And the fabric is just for the sake of the picture (see what I mean about doing things just for blogging sake?) I would really love to figure out a way to put a mirror in it. I know there are ways...I mean a dirt cheap way.

I really kind of love it. Do you think one in every room of my house would be overkill?


  1. I actually think you should hang it somewhere with that fabric in it, because it looks great. But have you checked with a glass shop? Because you might be able to have a mirror cut to fit for less money than you think. I'm not sure about mirrors, but I've had a piece of glass cut before, and I know it was less than I thought it would be.

  2. Well shucks! I love it! Even cuter in real life. (can that be??) Can you help me figure out cute things to do in my house?? No, really. Seriously. No joking here. I need you. I'm experiencing some sort of creative blackout. I feel so lost and confused I can't seem to find my way out! (but we've already talked about this). You see, you do so many cute things, that there's too much to blog about. Totally get it. Besides it's fun to come over and be surprised by all you treasures! That's actually more fun the seeing it on the blog! But I hear you on the blog thing.

    Ok, after all you hostessing and my traveling, we'll whip this house into cute! Look at me roping you into consulting my decorating. What are friends for, right?

  3. Craft projects and baby! I WANT MORE PHOTOS OF CRAFT PROJECTS AND BABY! I vote yes on you posting more of your craft projects! And of course when it comes to pictures of Avery I agree with Ophelia bear who claimed that "too much was never enough!" (She was speaking about chocolate, but Avery is much better than chocolate.)

    And I'll just add that I love your blog. Even when it isn't about craft projects and Avery. And I love the frame.

  4. I love it with the fabric in it--the reds and pinks totally play off the frame. And how cool is that frame?! I wish IKEA was closer--three hours away just doesn't cut it.

  5. I love that frame. and your blog. and your mother in law. so cute, all three.

    miss you. i owe you a phone call...

  6. Super cute. I think I need to take some craft lessons from you. You always have the most unique ideas.

  7. 1. That frame in black didn't even catch my eye. But in SHOCKING PINK...incredible!!
    2. Fabric in a frame...BRILLIANT!!
    Aunt LeAnn

  8. I love that fabric. I've actually been thinking of turning it into pillows for my living room. I'm so indecisive though and for the life of me I just can't seem to decide on one stinkin fabric. I desperatly need more color. Everything I own is brown.

  9. I also love the fabric. And i love the hot pink. I kind of want to paint my living room hot pink but I know that will never happen. And that's OK. Also I love that anthro coat and agree about the price tag! Come on! What's it made of? Solid gold? That is why I have a love hate relaish with anthro. also- i miss you.

  10. I was eyeballing that frame too. I think you made is FABULOUS!

  11. i think i can confidently say that both me and your husband feel that one in every room is overkill ;)

    but that one is super cute. way to go. also i miss your baby, have i told you that yet today?

  12. LOVE it. I may make one for Ella's room. How 'bout that for 'just one yard'? You could write your own book!

  13. I love seeing your crafts! You have some amazing talents.

  14. creative blogs are the best. non crafty people like me need all the blog help we can get.

  15. One in every room, that is hardly overkill! that pink and that frame are so great, there are almost mandatory furnishings.
    LOVE IT!


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