Thursday, October 16, 2008

Birthday Ball


I made this little ball for our sweet friend Charlie for his first birthday. I had planned on making one for Avery for Christmas, and since it seems as though so many of you are planning on hand-making some of your Christmas gifts this year also, I thought I'd pass along this idea.

It was supper simple to make. I did add a couple of jingle bells inside to make it more fun. To make them actually jingle, I got one of those little crappy toys that come in a plastic egg from the little vending machine at the grocery store, put two bells in the plastic egg, poked some holes so the sound could come out better (not sure that was necessary) and then put it in the center of the ball after I had stuffed it. Just make sure you leave your opening big enough to fit the plastic egg through.

And in case you are worried it will be a lame present like I was...he actually seemed to like it. Happy Sewing.

Instructions Here


  1. That ball is so great! Loves it! And that picture is kind of random but all the other ones were blurry since we were opening presents so fast! Should have switched the mode on the camera!

    Thanks for your lovely gift! Pretty sure I love it as much as charlie does!

  2. Perfect, now I don't have to find a pattern for the ball I wanted to make for Jake. Thanks!

  3. I wanted to make something like that for the baby for Christmas - I had a pattern for a knit one, but since my knitting skills aren't that great I think this will be a better option!

  4. Oh how cute! I love how you mix colors.

  5. What a fun gift. Very cute.


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