Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's called a skirt

So a couple of posts ago, someone made that comment that my house was so stylish, it should be in a magazine.

Now while I am highly flattered and seriously grateful for that remark, I actually laughed out loud when I read it because only on a blog could I so deceptively, and carefully give the impression that my house is either stylish, or belongs in a magazine.

Anyone who has actually been in my house knows that in reality, it mostly has a weird paint color in the kitchen, gross carpet, several piles of clutter, random mis-matched furniture, mostly bare windows, and mostly bare walls. It's kind of a temporary situation so we haven't spent to much time making it our own.

And on top of that, I spend way too much time doing things like sewing, and not enough time doing things like laundry...


OK, so its rarely
this bad...but still, that is what my hall looks like at this very moment. The dirty clothes are poised to rise up against us.



So in a vaguely related matter, we have this weird little nook in our landing that is sort of a desk area. I mostly use it to pile books, extra printers (I don't know why we have so many), and the spare change jar underneath.

I was getting tired of looking at the clutter so I marched myself to the fabric store and found this lovely pink plaid. I love how the ladies who cut your fabric at the store always ask what you are making. I find that more times than not, I have sort of a difficult time explaining.

"Um, a sort of little curtain cover thing for a counter/desk nook",

to which she replied, "Oh we call those skirts".

And now I know.

So its basically a simple curtain hung with a tension rod. And it hides my junk beautifully. When my sister saw it, she inquired as to why I didn't just clean up the junk.

Huh...interesting point.


  1. hee hee! i love your junk and your "skirt" and your purple tights and your anarchist laundry. and remember when blaine played in your change jar for an afternoon while you helped me sew?!

  2. oh and p.s. the truth is that avery's room seriously does look like it's out of a mag, so listen here, people, don't listen to a word danielle is saying--she is not deceiving you there! That room is DAR!

  3. Ha! I must say that you do belong in purple tights my dear :) Love the "skirt"!

  4. your sisters comment totally made me laugh. ha!

  5. I believe I was the one who left that comment and it was in reference to a photo of Avery's room, so I feel justified by the comment above. In any case, I'm glad someone else's laundry looks like that sometimes too and what is undisputed is that you have the skills and creativity to decorate your house in a magazine-worthy way.

  6. I love it. It really is a skirt for that lady above it. And thank you for the laundry pic. I have a pile about that big that needs to be folded and put away. I like dishes but laundry no.

  7. When I was getting ready for Caleb to come and buying furniture off craigslist, I saw ads for nursery stuff and worried that I didn't have a nursery like the magazine's--is that okay? Then I remembered that my living room and rest of the apt don't look anything like a magazine, and I decided Caleb would be just fine, too. I think you could have a good "how to:" crafts section in a magazine.

  8. Oh, I am laughing so hard my sides hurt.

    Don't be too hard on yourself about the laundry. You forgot to tell that your washer and dryer are in the hallway right in front of that pile, and I am sure you will have battled back the beast by later today.

    I think the skirt is really cute. It has me thinking...I wonder if I could drape my entire craft room in a skirt? Hmmm.

    I think your whole condo is filled with style and personality. It is always so much fun to see what creative thing you come up with next!

  9. Vanessa must be very clean and un-cluttered. Any one with a junk pile would know that even if you clean it up it will somehow end up there again. Or, somewhere else in the house.

  10. OH Danielle, I just love you!!!! I love your nook's skirt (too funny). I love your honest picture of your laundry (oh how many moms are feeling "me too" feelings). I love how every time I look at your blog...I laugh...not at you, but due to the sincere humor of life you share. Thanks. You always brighten my day.

  11. I loved the "huh, interesting point" comment to your sister. You make me laugh, Danielle. Hilarious that you made a craft project out of covering the crap corner. I can just see you thinking..."hmmm, crap corner what shall I do with you?! I know! I'll make something cute and girlie to cover you up!"


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