Wednesday, November 19, 2008



This is what my legs look like today. Because I am NOT too old to wear purple tights.

Vanessa says so.

Plus they make me feel so much better about the giant, heather brown, semi-maternity dress that I have on.'s like wearing your jammies only so much hipper.


  1. when this photo popped up, I thought,"Ooh!! I hope that's actually what Danielle is wearing, and not just a random image on flickr or something!" and you did not disappoint. I love the color pop, and your shoes are too cute.

  2. So Josh (husband) did wardrobe, among other things, on this movie called The Errand of Angels and he had the sister missionaries wear all sorts of outrageous colors. Too bad they can't really. It would be fun.

  3. i want those shoes! where are they from?

  4. My shoes are from Nordstrom's...but I got them over a year ago, so I doubt they still have them...sorry;( but they are Kenneth Cole Reaction, so maybe you could find them online?

  5. You have such pretty legs and ankles Danielle. I don't care what color you put on them!

  6. To Katrina:
    You don't know me but I have a pair of those exact shoes in a size 7.5 that I just can't wear--they hit my toes wrong. You can have them if they work for you. I would love to get them out of my closet into a good home.

  7. You pull purple tights off better than anyone I know. Truly.
    They just speak your name: bright, flirty, and giggly (I adore your laugh, ps).

  8. Very cute! I have to say, I am a little jealous of those tights. I have always wanted to wear something like that. Maybe I will... maybe I will.

  9. yay! i'm glad you finally wore them!!! you look great :)


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