Wednesday, February 4, 2009

our day in numbers


10=time Trav will arrive home tonight
9=things that did not get done on my "to do" list
8=times I have pulled things out of Avery's mouth that should not be in it
7=times I listened to Jason Mraz sing "I'm yours"
6=servings of salt and vinegar potato chips I ate instead of dinner
5=poopy diapers changed (so far)
4=loads of laundry
3=baths Avery has had...see #5
2=number of walks this week with friends that have fancy Bob strollers-- I want one
1= number of teeth making their way out of Avery's swollen gums


  1. oh my! doesn't it amaze you some days how much nastiness can come out of those cute little backsides? My husband refers to those as "machine gun days." Ew. But Avery is adorable as usual in that pic! Hope you guys survived until Trav got home and that Avery went to bed nice and early and you had some time alone for yourself in that adorable craft room!

  2. So, it should come as no surprise that Zoe has teeth breaking through today as well (though these are numbers 5 and 6 for her). Also--literally 5 poopy diapers (there is usually one). Maybe there is a connection between teething and pooping?

  3. Was #5 the responsible for the midway meltdown (not a true meltdown; I just like alliteration)?

    My day in numbers:
    51=how warm I hope it is tomorrow
    2=how many naps Ella took in the car
    13=days until my Vegan lovefest
    <500=my hope for how much it will cost to bang out the door that I banged in 3 hrs after leaving your house. Ouch.
    1=really great husband who didn't get mad. Thanks R.D.

  4. Everytime I see your blog I'm always amazed at how much our style is the same in quite a few ways. You know that green vase on your nightstand from the post before? Well, I've almost bought it at Downeast like 10 times, you know, had it in my cart, but then bought something else. I just need to get it already. Plus, Jason Mraz "I'm yours" is on my favorites list on the Ipod right now. I'm glad you painted your looks so bright and much better than before!

  5. Asher has been pooping up a storm the past few days too. We've already had one blow out today.


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