Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dreaming Tree Wall Hanging PDF Pattern ...done


I will probably continue tweaking it here and there as I get more feedback from my highly overpaid editors, but the pattern is done and available in my Etsy shop.

And please don't buy it if nobody else does to make me feel good about myself, mom. I can handle the rejection.

Thanks everyone for your help and encouragement.

Now, off to do something not craft related. Happy weekend.


  1. That is darling, good job! I bet you could sell your pattern at Material Girls too- I know they carry lots of local patterns!! You are amazing!

  2. SOO cute, can't believe you're only charging $5.

  3. Well done.
    THANK YOU for not charging an arm and a leg for it either. I think it is ridiculous how much people charge for things (not that your efforts are not worth it b/c I'm sure putting it together in pdf took time/effort--not to mention it is your design).
    But with all that being's nice to see something on Etsy for five bucks :)

  4. so, so, so cute. and i really like the price tag!

  5. first off, that is darling! you are so talented.

    you can bring the swing back anytime. whenever is good for you. i sometimes have a crazy work schedule, i never really know when i am working until the day before, so just let me know when you can come up and i will let you know my schedule. glad avery liked the swing!


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