Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Monday nights

The Bachelor Jason Mesnik...HUGE THUMBS DOWN

Jimmy Fallon Late Night Show...Huge thumbs up!

So I am am usually way too mortified and embarrassed for those participating to watch The Bachelor, but this season there seemed to be a string of Mondays that Trav got home latish...so I got kind of hooked. Especially in the end. I'm sure if you watched the season Finale, and what was " The most dramatic rose ceremony yet" you know why I say, "BOOOO!" Good thing he doesn't regret anything that happened. What an idiot.

Jimmy Fallon on the other hand...charming, funny, and has the Roots as his house band. Couldn't be cooler. Only problem will be staying that late to watch.


  1. You remember that fat, sweaty cable salesman? It's time to call that guy. :)

  2. Oh this is so funny- I just finished posting about the bachelor. He is totally an idiot. And I didn't really like either of the last 2 girls. Then again, I can't imagine who signs up for that crap, so...

    that sounds way harsh. oh well, it's basically what i really think. who needs to mince words, right?

  3. I am soo mad and disappointed. Jason is a total idiot, shame on him. I really liked jillian the best he seemed to have more of a twinkle in his eyes when he talked about and to jillian. I hope she is the next bachelorette.

  4. That was the lamest Bachelor ever! That stupid guy just couldn't commit to anything. Hmm. Big shocker HE has been divorced.


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