Wednesday, March 11, 2009

birthday book

(big girls can wear bows in their hair and they don't look at the camera)

Since Avery was born--well since I was pregnant really--I have been writing her little letters for her to read when she can. A few I have posted on this blog, but most I have kept private...just for her. I am planning on compiling them, along with photos, in a little book to give her on her birthday. I wanted to invite any friends or relatives who feel inclined to write her a little note to feel welcome to do so. If you would like to write something to be included in Avery's birthday book just email it to me. I am going to try to get it all put together in the next two weeks (ish) so I can make sure to have it printed in time for her big day.
What you write is totally up to you. It could be some advice for her life, a wish you have for her, a story or memory you have about an ancestor that has passed on (or is still alive) that you would like her to know more about, your feelings for her, a silly poem, a favorite recipe...whatever.

I myself am resisting the urge to put this off until I can edit everything perfectly, in favor of actually getting it done before she is 47. I figure something is better than nothing, and I'm sure I will just have less time as life moves on.

At any rate, no one is obligated...everyone is invited.
My email is

Oh...and PS. I have been a very bad blog friend lately...I know. I have forced myself to stay away from the computer long enough to get some kind of order in my house. But I am reading all about the wonderful, darling, creative, and springy things you are all doing and loving you for it!


  1. Even though I've only met Avery a couple times, I would love to write something for her book. I don't have time right now and I'm so forgetful these days, will you email me if you haven't heard from me by the time you're ready to print? Sorry--that's sort of lame.

    I'm also "in production" on a book for Zoe actually, but I keep vacillating between getting it done before her birthday or printing out a temporary copy so that it can include her birthday before I print it. Decisions. And I was going to have people contribute there, but I like your idea of doing it beforehand so that it can be part of the finished product.

  2. Oh Danielle,you are such a good mom! She will love that latter in life and you are right, there is no time like the present to get it done.Great idea.OX, Mom

  3. Ooh I love this idea! Can I copy it one day when I have kids too? Ha ha.

    Love you and your good ideas!

    (I'm thinking about what to write to her...hmm. I think I know).

  4. LOVE this idea too. My head is spinning with ideas about what to write. I am going to have to get myself calmed down and get to work! This is an amazing idea.


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