Thursday, April 16, 2009

living life


Well...I was about to blog all about how I have been making our home more homey--
how I put together this new high chair for Avery,
how I painted the living room and kitchen (one big room really)
and how I have all sorts of plans involving plates on the walls, and new pillows.

And then right as I was editing the photo above...I got this email from Trav that linked to this article
about internet addiction.

And since I am seeing way too much of myself in that article, I am abandoning this post and am going to go finish up some projects instead of blogging about them!

Happy Thursday! need to leave a comment. Save yourself that minute and do something fun instead!


  1. I couldn't help commenting. That is an interesting article. I see myself in it a little bit. I especially know that I am addicted to gazing at photos of a certain baby online, and I will let the laundry wait so that I can watch a video clip of her at the table being silly just a few more times.

    I wish there was a companion article about men being addicted to their cell phones. I swear, Mr. W. can't be separated from his. On our Friday night dates I am so tempted to ask for it. As in "give me that dang thing so I can turn it off" (and maybe stomp on it and throw it out the window)

    I think we all are a bit addicted to technology, not just stay at home moms.

  2. Hello. My name is Loren, and I am an Avery-blog-oholic (Anonymous). Please grant me the grace to accept with serenity that this cannot be changed.

  3. Your photos are amazing! And the subject is inspiring too... ;-)




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