Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bonnet Bussiness


I've been working away on getting my bonnet pattern into a format that can be printed. It really takes me much longer than it should since I am quite a novice with the illustrator software that I am using, and I kind of have to re-learn it each time I try to use it. But it's coming together and I am quite proud.

Avery was kind enough to model the latest one here. She was quite a trooper despite having to get some immunizations today. Thanks to the tender care of my good friend (and pediatrician) Alissa, she seems to have come through the whole ordeal just fine. (Am I sounding dramatic enough? I have anxiety just making the appointment! I HATE to see her scared/in pain/bleeding...what mother doesn't?) And she brought me the most beautiful Peonies from her yard. Pink...and one of my favorite flowers! Have I mentioned what a great doctor she is? I can't promise that you'll get flowers on shot day though. That might be just for me.

Ok... well back to bonnets. Come back on Thursday (or possibly late Wednesday night). I'll be doing a Bonnet Give Away!


  1. Well, that is as cute as can be! I am just so impressed with your talents and creativity, Danielle. And your illustrator skills. And your pediatrician. I am impressed with her too.

  2. Oh my heart, she is adorable. I will for sure be back for the bonnet give-away. (Will I get any special treatment for being your old neighbor and visiting teachee?)

  3. So cute Bellie, I would never have thought to use that bird print and it is adorable.Avery modeling doesn't hurt either!OX, mom

  4. Danielle, those bonnets are to die for. You are so creative. I don't even think Martha could make something that cute. If only I had a girl.

  5. Your bonnets are adorable, but I'm 99% sure it's the little girl in them that really makes them adorable :) She is seriously the cutest little one I have ever seen.

  6. That is ADORABLE!! I have to have one in every color! I'll be back for your give away!! You are amazing!


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