Monday, June 8, 2009






When Trav and I were first married, he tried to convince me that he didn't know how to cook. In fact, he led me to believe that cutting a tomato was far beyond his capabilities.

But the truth is...I think he just likes me to make things for him. It makes him feel loved.

But then--well... then pregnancy happened and the jig was up. He soon discovered that if he didn't do some cooking, then no cooking was going to be done. Plus I'd like to think that he liked taking care of me. It sure made me feel loved.

One day ago he prepared one of the best meals I have ever had. Roasted pork chops with a (secret) blend of herbs and spices (and very tender I might add), caramelized onion and garlic red potatoes, spinach salad with a home-made lemon olive oil dressing, and dessert.

This dessert was really one of the best things I have ever eaten. Seriously. Is was called Creme Brule French Toast and and had home-made apple cranberry filling, and whipped cream. It had a touch of fresh orange, a dash of cinnamon, and kind of a caramel crust. It was good.

And the best part...I didn't life a finger. And he did it all for me, because he still loves me--

after being married for six years and one day.

Happy Anniversary Love.


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  2. Yum. Yum. Yum.

    I didn't know your anniversary was yesterday. Ours is the 9th--one more thing we have in common.

    See you tomorrow. I'm proud of you for biting the bullet.

  3. Um, you say Trav did that? My little boy, Trav? The boy I raised? Cooked that food?

    All I can say is that somthin' must have happened to him after he moved out from under my wing. Did he sneak off to cooking school when nobody was looking? You must inspire him to do great things, Danielle.

    And happy anniversary. Six years and one day...such a nice beginning to eternity.

  4. Happy anniversary! I think a lot of women remember and gauge events in their lives by which child they were pregnant with. For me it's orthopedic surgeries. When you got married, I had just had knee surgery. I remember because I was worried about being healed up enough to dance with you at your reception.

    I'm looking forward to your 50th, but I'm concerned about what type of surgery I'll be having then. :0

  5. Congratulations to you both on your anniversary! I am so happy for you both - and so happy you are in our family. What a blessing and joy you have been to us Danielle. Travis is one lucking guy to have you (which i have reminded him of many times), and so are we.

    Trav congrats on the dinner. Don't know where you came up with that. it sure wasn't anything you learned from me. Wheaties, scrambled eggs, toast, banquet chicken, and stove top dressing is the limit to my culinary skills, and the limit of what i passed on to any one of you kids.

    love ya

  6. That food looks scrumptious! I really hope recipes are going to follow,WOW!!!!!!Trav, you never fail to amaze me with all of your talents and surprise me with all of your knowledge.
    Thanks for taking care of your two girls so well, you are such a good husband and father. Anytime I hear someone say "good job" I think of you with little Avery.
    Happy Anniversary you guys, I can't believe it has been six years. I loved Colleen's, "such a nice beginning to eternity". OX, Mom

  7. Yummm! what a man, Trav!
    i like how we get to these mile-stones a week apart.
    feels good to have made it to 6 - hopefully we'll have 60+ more happy years :)

  8. this looks SOOO good! I'm really impressed by the presentation as well as the general tastiness!

  9. Wow!!!! I'm sorry those that can incorporate carmelized onions into their repetoire of cooking cannot pretend they don't know how :D
    I think he sounds like a keeper for at least six more years :D

  10. Jared is sitting here next to me and saw this post and said, "Now that is some real cooking!" We are very impressed. I can't believe he didn't cook for you at all until you got pregnant! He was hiding some serious talent.


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