Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some days you need a cookie


...and by some lucky miracle my friend Kate just showed up at my doorstep with a whole plate of them today.... Iced in a lovely shade of blue that matches my walls perfectly.

They are almost too pretty to eat. Almost....because they taste really really good.

Plus she even included a darling crocheted dish cloth (in coordinating colors) that she made just for me! I sure don't know what I did to deserve such a fun treat...but I'll take it.

Thanks Kate!


  1. How adorable, what a sweet friend. Kate, your mama would be so proud.ox, Tamara

  2. Well you're welcome! I agree that they're so good (from the devil himself)! I was happy to share my sugar cookie abundance with you. I knew you'd appreciate the blue frosting! I tried putting them in a cute cellophane bag tied with rick rack (cause I knew you'd love it) but the icing was still too soft and it was a mess so I gave up. But it would have been really cute.

    Hope the dish scrubber brings you joy while you do your most hated chore! I'm sure you'll be getting more over the course of our life!

  3. what a very thoughtful friend!
    I'm jonesin' for a sugar cookie now. Kate may have inspired a Friday afternoon baking session at the Williams home :)

  4. Wow. Those are Martha worthy.
    There are few things more lovely than a frosted sugar cookie...although this variety has a butter cookie look to it...all the yummier. Anything with "butter" in the title I am ALL for!

  5. cute Kate! :)

    and what your cute dad probably didn't mention is that he sent your mom the most GORGE tulips.

  6. Yum. It makes me want to eat a cookie. For some reason, I do not however, have the urge to do dishes. Strange.

  7. The cookies might not be too good to eat, but that dishcloth might be too cute to use :) Sweet.


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