Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We are going house boating next week and although I have a life jacket for Avery I would really like to have a swimming suit with floating things built in. I am having the hardest time finding one.

So if anyone has an infant swim suit with built in floaties...could I borrow or buy it from you? She is 15 months old but has a long torso so up to 2T would probably fit.

Or if you know where I could purchase one would you let me know?



  1. I saw some good life jackets at Costco last week. They were for toddlers, not bulky at all, and had a handle on the back of the "collar" I suppose to pull them out of the drink. Have you checked your Costco? I could check mine if you want and see if they have any left.

  2. Oops, just noticed you said you already have a life jacket.

  3. i think you can get a "floatation swimsuit" on amazon.. not sure how much time you have to get one but you may want to check it out.

    Stella just said.. Wanna see Avery.. Avery so cute!

    We may stop by for a visit.

  4. Sadly, I'm not help on the suit, but I love that Avery has a long torso . . . you guess it--Zoe does too. (I like focusing on my own long torso more than my stubby legs.)

  5. I saw some on clearance for $6 at Wal-Mart last week--well, I saw boys' floaty-suits, I didn't see if they had girls'...

  6. You know, I haven't seen any lately, but they are worthless anyway, so if you don't find one you just saved 10 or so bucks! We had some for our kids and never used them because the floation thingies inside aren't hefty enough to hold even a baby up, and then the swimsuit is just bulky to hold in the water. Oh well, hope that helps, or maybe it didn't?! I dunno!

  7. Ok I have one that you can totally have. Problem- not sure where it is right now and I won't be home until next Thursday. But when I get home I can overnight it to you or my parents are coming to Utah on the Friday and may be able to drop it off if you aren't going until later next week. Or I can ask my mom to look in a few places for it and then send it to you if and when she finds it. What do you think? ps this is Traci- not Mark ;)


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