Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vanessa + David


A few weeks ago we had a little couple's wedding shower for Vanessa and David because we love them.

And despite the suggestion of the photos...there were lots of other people there beside Vanessa and David. I just didn't get many good pictures of the people (I'm blaming the lighting), so had to settle for posting pictures of food. So thanks to everyone who came and loved them and showered them with gifts.

And aren't they going to have darling babies?!

*And thanks to the Harmans who (whether they knew it or not) supplied every single recipe for the food I made. It was a hit!

*And also...thanks to my brother Ryan, who doesn't have a blog that I can link, but who provided us with the most freshly caught (by him), delicious salmon I have ever had. 


  1. Oh Danielle, that is just precious! Those were some great pictures,you look like a food stylist!The salmon was to die for, and all your little touches from the plates to the wrapping paper were "so Vanessa"!
    I hope David's mom and dad can see this ! You really made them feel loved.PS... I was hoping to see Avery in her little red swim bottoms! Maybe you could e-mail me one, I don't care about the light with such a darling model!ox, Mom

  2. Really? What did you make? Maybe I'll steal your menu because I'm still not certain what I'm doing Wednesday.


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