Monday, November 9, 2009

Cause I'm a rilllly good mom


can clearly say both,"pop" and "french fries", and asks for them when we pass by McDonald's which she recognizes by sight,
and can feed herself two sticks of butter at once OR two suckers at once.
We like to change things up.


  1. That makes me laugh...
    Max, the other day in the car kept repeating "Sanee, doughnuts?" (candy? doughnuts?)
    Honestly, child?! Is that ALL you think about? I swear he is a sugar FREAK!

  2. Like Mother,like daughter.You loved to stick your fingers in the butter and lick it down. We had all these baby sized fingers scrapings in our butter.You called McDonald's "Dondo's" and would cry for fries when we passed those golden arches.Of course when the big splurge came and we actually went in for a meal,we each had a small burger and shared a small fry,and a large drink. Remember all those little "courtesy cups"ox,mom

  3. That is really cute. I am glad I am not the only mom who gives their child french fries. Which is sometimes all Soren will eat for dinner.

  4. grace and avery are undeniably kindred spirits!

  5. I remember when Avery's uncle RyRy was about her age. When we would go through the drive-through at the bank he would hollar "fu-i, fu-i, fu-i" frantically. Oh gosh, kids are funny.

    I love that picture. Avery seems to get cuter by the minute.

  6. getting so excited for thanksgiving. can't wait to see all of you!


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