Friday, July 9, 2010

And what a cute nose he has!

I love the romanticism of waiting until a baby is born to learn its gender. I am just way too impatient.

Instead I pay to get an ultrasound as soon as humanly possible to find out.

I just kind of love getting a little glimpse at our baby, and see how they are doing. And I love just getting to know them a little bit better while they are growing in my belly. After all the months of vomiting, it just makes the actual baby part of the whole thing a little more real.

So, on the way to the ultrasound we asked Avery if she was going to have a baby brother or sister.

"A baby gril!"

We are not entirely sure she really understands the concept of "there is a baby in mommy's tummy" but when questioned boy or girl, she has never wavered.

I think that every other person who had an opinion on the matter thought we were having a boy.

The gender couldn't matter less to me. I know that is the thing you are supposed to say...but its true. I love knowing that additional little thing about who my baby will be, but boy or girl just doesn't matter to me. Trav will never give any indication as to his feeling or opinion on matters like these. He's 2 for 2 though on guessing correctly.

At any rate, when the ultrasound wand worked its magic, and the sweet girl wielding it asked if we were ready to find out the gender, I blurted out,

"Its a boy"

before she could tell us. It was that obvious. I could see it with my own eyes.

Trav had already snapped a shot of the screen and was emailing the news.

Avery was as cute as can be during the whole thing. She stood by my head and chatted the whole time parroting everything the ultrasound girl said,

"Oh, he's kicking his legs! Come back baby! Oh I see his little face! She looking at you belly mommy?"

She didn't seem too disappointed about the news of a brother.

We were over the moon.

And then on the way home, I asked her if she was excited about having a baby brother.

"No THANK you," she said.


We are sure excited to meet our baby boy.

And Avery seems to have come around too.


  1. yaaaaayyyyyyy! baby boy! i'm so happy to see his little face! avery's so cute, haha, like "why do you keep asking? i already said i wanna GRIL!"

  2. Hooray!! I'm so glad you got to find out already (and how fun that our parallel lives continue!). I also was shocked at how obvious it was that it was a boy. I feel like I couldn't have looked at any of the ultrasound if we had wanted to wait. Anyway, so excited for you! And hope you're feeling better . . .

  3. yay! i swear everyone i know pregnant with their second is having the opposite gender from their first. so fun! when can we get together? i miss you!

  4. I have been wrapped around my little boy's finger in a way that I never expected. What darlings they are! Congratulations!!

  5. Oh, oh, oh!!!
    I was secretly hoping for that! Girl, boy is my favorite order/combination, you know. =)

    And bless Avery's darling little heart!

  6. I am sitting here laughing as I am reading. Avery's comments are so cute...and so like her father at her age. Little Travis wanted a bruder so badly. When Katie turned out to be a girl he was in denial. Grandma Cox called to talk to him about the excitement of Katie's birth he told her that she was a boy. "Don't you mean you have a sister..a girl", she asked. "No", he answered, "she's a boy".

    As a post note, after getting two sisters, little 10 year old Trav wrote in his journal on the day Ryan was born:

    "My brother was born today"

    Finally! Ha ha.

    Baby boy Wilson looks so cute Danielle! I can't wait to meet him! I love him so much already!

  7. hahaha that's a fun memory mom! Baby boy Wilson looks just perfect. Can't wait him as well. Randy and I are so excited for you guys. mom says Avery is getting so big and talking in full sentences. Hard to believe she is old enough to be a BIG sister. love it!

  8. So fun, Danielle, to get one of each! Congratulations, and again in a few more months.

    Aunt Val

  9. Seems like just a few months ago we went in so you could have your 3-D ultrasound of Avery.

    I enjoyed telling the receptionist I was the father. Then qualifying "of Danielle". I crack me up.

    Hard to believe, in the time that's elapsed since then, you'll have a little 2-year-old dude running around.

    We are acquiring a (really)small back-yard pond. I think I'll stock it with bass or sunfish so Avery and BB Wilson can fish them out. It will literally be like the fishing booth at the school fairs.

    I love you guys.

  10. I am so excited for you! What fun news!

  11. I feel for Avery. When Tim was born, my dad told me I had a (second) brother. "Let me talk to Mom," I insisted. She again confirmed I had a brother. "Get a girl," I told her.
    And then, my mom told me that when we found out Caleb was a boy, ha ha. And then Jeff told me that when we were heading to the hospital to have Isaac.
    And while I would like a girl one day, I love my boys so much--they're so fun! We're excited for you!

  12. Congrats! It was quite the change for us, but a welcome and fun one!

  13. I had a dream the other night and came up with the absolute PERFECT name for him. Of course, I forgot it by the time I woke up. All I could remember was that it was perfect. :o(

  14. Congratulations about the boy and the house, too! We love boys! Also, my one girl said "gril" for a long time, and it was very cute. She says it correctly now, darn it. Kids who can express their thoughts from a young age are so darn funny -- who knew that was what 2-year-olds think?

  15. A BOY! I've heard that new THREE times now! haha. I'm ready to hear "IT'S A GIRL!" I'm sure it will happen one of these days, right?!
    Enough about me though: How fun that you get to have a boy! Avery will be a perfectly doting sister, I'm sure :)


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