Friday, July 16, 2010

Dear Jane...

Pattern by Citronille

Remember a few weeks ago when you had stayed up practically all night studying for finals and then had to take your final and then proceeded to come over to my house and pack like 100 boxes while I sat around and whined about being tired? And then remember when you came over like the next day and helped us move and watched Avery all day long? And then remember the other times you came over and let us borrow your husband to do gross things like rip out carpet and walls, and you watched Avery all day long some more?

Well, I was just thinking that know...if I hadn't imposed on you enough lately, that I could maybe convince you to come help me do some sewing? Because I found these darling french patterns and I basically might die if I can't make a few of them....possibly in linen, or some of their gorgeous batiste? But I don't know a word of French, and really you are a much better seamstress anyway. And doesn't Avery just look like she belongs in them? wanna? maybe?


  1. Bien sûr! I would love to come help...though I might need to brush up on some French sewing terminology...ha ha.

    P.S. fun fact: the name of the pattern pictured in your post (Pervanche) means periwinkle. Cute, huh!

  2. Oh, that picture looks like Avery!

    And if you two need more assistance, Ryan speaks pretty good French and he sews pretty well too!


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