Monday, October 11, 2010

Capelet...Sneak Peek

I know I've mentioned that my smock pattern is going to appear in the upcoming "Fabric Extravaganza: One Yard Wonders", but I thought I'd share a little sneak peek of the other pattern of mine that will also be included. Its for a little self-lined toddler capelet, and it just screams brisk fall day to me (which is also what the newly crunchy leaves in my yard are screaming!). I just love the kind of old fashioned charm of clothes like this. I meant to make a little hat of some kind to go along with it...and maybe a hand muff, but oh-- the projects I never get around to.

This book will be kind of like the first book...projects featuring one yard of fabric, but this time with a focus on slightly more advanced projects that utilize a more diverse range of fabrics.

I made this one (this summer while seriously battling pregnancy nausea!) using the fabric that the girls doing the book sent me. Its a buttery soft wool plaid, and drapes just beautifully. It also provided quite the exercise in matching plaids...inside and out!

I have to admit, I was more than a little sad sending it off in the mail.

Little Avery looked quite darling in it, but I have to say that the chances of me getting my act together enough to make her another one in a timely fashion are quite slim.

Look for the book sometime this next summer.

Or if there is any interest I might try to release the pattern in my etsy shop before then?

Happy Monday


  1. oh my, this is darling. I'm picturing this with a winter dress going to see the Nutcracker!

  2. That is really beautiful! Your amazing.

  3. It really is cute. Is that the same one Ella tried on?

  4. PLEASE put the pattern on etsy!!!! And quick - I need to customize it for my daughter's Little Red Riding Hood costume for Halloween (and then make another for fall hehe). LOOOOOOOVE this!!!!

  5. Darling Danielle! Great color, accent color, plaid...very nice. OX, Mom

  6. Hello! Do u have the pattern for this yet?
    Id love to make this for my seven-year-old sister.

  7. Hi, I would love to purchase the pattern! It's a very nice capelet :)

  8. Where can I buy this pattern from? I'd love to make it but I just looked in your store and can't find it.


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