Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Very Best Kind of News

(these are actually of Avery...around 33 weeks...not 19 like it says)

We had some happy news today. And what good is happy news if you don't share it?

At my 20 week ultrasound we found out that our baby boy had slightly enlarged kidneys, which could have meant a whole multitude of things...ranging from pretty insignificant to fairly devastating. Unfortunately, it was one of those wait and see kind of situations. So we mostly kept the news to ourselves...no sense in worrying everyone since there was nothing to be done about it anyway.

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant and we had a followup ultrasound to recheck his kidneys and we were so happy to find that they are now within the normal range and won't need any further worry.


I think every expectant family wishes for nothing more than all signs pointing to a healthy thriving baby, but I was particularly relieved about this news. In my days as a NICU nurse I had plenty of firsthand experience with the kinds of things our little guy might have to go through (best case--unpleasant testing, worse case-- surgery and lots of other no fun sorts of things, worst case--well we won't go there) after his birth. But it looks like we have been able to dodge all of that.

And we are so grateful.

A healthy baby is such a miracle indeed. And of course you can't anticipate every kind of problem that might arise with an ultrasound, but we are sure happy for this good news today.

The upside of having another ultrasound this late in pregnacy is that we got to have a great look at his cute little chubby cheeks and other parts. I wish I could show them, but we didn't get an electronic copy. I couldn't believe what a detailed and realistic look we got. And how much he looks just like Avery! It's amazing that we were able to see that in an ultrasound. Otherwise, he is growing well...has plenty of amniotic fluid and looks right on track for his age (about 3.5 lbs!).

The ultrasound tech spent an extra long time showing us his face, I am certain because she was so entertained by Avery's reaction. "Oh look! There he is! He's so cute...Look the orange baby (the 4d ultrasound they do looks kind of orange for some reason), oh I see his tiny hands." It was such a fun moment for us all. He really looks like our baby. I remember when Avery was born just having the feeling that I recognized her immediately. I felt like that today too.

We can't wait to meet him.

I hope this day finds you and all of your babies safe and well!

love danielle


  1. That was so much fun to read Danielle! It makes it all the more real,I can't wait.
    Avery sounds like she had so much fun at the dr.'s office and that probably helped her get ready for a new brother.
    I am glad baby boy Wilson is healthy.
    OX, mom

  2. wow - that is a really detailed ultrasound. When I had my first in 1987 you could barely tell what it was!!! He was just 23 years old on Oct. 3rd - where does the time go??!! Congratulations!

  3. Oh Danielle, we had a similar experience with Reese, I still can't think of those worry filled days without getting sick to my stomach! He had a potential cyst in his brain and it was awful!

    Glad everything turned out for you as it did for me! Cannot wait to see pictures of him!!

  4. Just found your wonderful blog!! Love the tutorials and your creativity.

    I too just had a 4D scan of my bubs. I am 33 weeks prego with my first and we couldn't believe the detail that these scans provide. We now know that bubs is definitley a girl, has my nose and Daddy's dimples! It was so magical to see.
    Glad your bub is safe and well. Now time to relax and just enjoy :)


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