Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I decided I probably won't make a whole felted garland for a Christmas decoration but will likely just buy it.

(We'll see if Anthro sends me my %15 off coupon for my birthday again this year.)

But the truth is...most of the times I make something, its not the actual end product that I want as much as just to participate in the process of learning and making-- which is why a lot of my projects only get 80% finished. By 80% I am sort of satisfied with the experience and ready to move on to something else.

At any rate, I was itching to try felting anyway, so I made some little felt beads, which will hopefully make an appearance in Avery's stocking as a necklace.

I followed this method (except I used some wool roving...which is more like yarn than batting) and really...wet felting could not be easier, especially if all you are doing is making balls. I am already thinking of other felted ball projects I'd love to make.

A mobile for our baby boy perhaps?

With everything going on in our lives right now, I really don't have time for crafts, but my hands (and brain) need the diversion.

But that's a whole other post;)


  1. Ohhhh, this look fun. Is it hard to find the wool roving you mentioned? I'm thinking of maybe making a garland as well and each year add the number of balls as my boys combined ages. So luckily this year only 3, well 2.5 but who makes .5 a ball...

    How would you suggest stringing them together?

  2. One more way you and Ryan are alike. I call him the 90/10. He is really good at getting 90% done (on a good day, 80% is really more like it) and then lets it go...once it's not interesting anymore it doesn't hold the appeal. That's why we get along--I'm no good at figuring it out, but occasionally I can motivate to finish the last 20% (although as I write this I am 80% of the way through a project and may or may not finish)....I am rambling...probably should have made this an email and not a comment :)

  3. This may seem a little off-subject, but these felt balls are exactly what we used fishing for steelhead on the Rogue River. You bounce them off the bottom. They work great; I have no idea why.

  4. oh, they're so pretty! You could just keep a little jar of them around for no other reason than to look like craft candy!


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