Thursday, November 18, 2010

Saying "YES"

(dad says, "yes" to ice cream after yet another trip to Home Depot)

It occurs to me now and then, how stinky it is to be a 2-year-old sometimes. Here you are, discovering new and exciting things on a daily basis, becoming more confident and independent, ready to go--do--explore, full of your own ideas about your surroundings and how you'd like to interact with them, ready for stimulation and adventure,

and constantly at the whim of somebody else.

And getting told "No" a lot.

Because there are errands and chores to be done, or too many obligations, or other people that need pleasing.

And you hear, "hold on one minute", "I just need to write an email/make a phone call/do some work", "maybe later", "maybe tomorrow" far too often.

How frustrating would that be?

Life has been topsy turvey for my little one lately. It has been full of change and disruption, strange men tromping around making loud noises upstairs, a million trips to Home Depot, interrupted naps, and exhausted distracted parents. And far too many "No's".

I often start the day by asking my girl, "What should we do today?" Her requests are usually simple-- "Play with Ella?" "Go to the park?" --and far too often go unfulfilled.

And so...
I am declaring today, a day of saying "Yes".

No reasonable request will be denied.
"Yes!" to the zoo.
"Yes!" to the park.
"Yes!" to a picnic.
"Yes!" to all three.
"Yes" to- play blocks with me?, one more book?, can I do it all by myself?

We'll do it all-- for as long as she wants.

And though I realize one day of saying yes doesn't make up for the consistency and stability children need on a daily basis (I really do try for that amid all this chaos)...

it can't hurt either.

And frankly, I am need of some of her sunny, silly, joyful, self to rub off on me. I have been far too serious and stressed out lately. I could use some 2-year-old perspective.

I am so grateful to be a mother.
What a lucky girl I am.


  1. I loved this post, Danielle. Ironically enough, I'd decided to do the same thing today before I opened my Google Reader! I hope you and Avery have a delicious day together.

  2. Great post, I couldn't agree with you more! There is something very comforting to into the eyes of my 17 month old and see life from a completely new angle. Being a mama is pretty powerful.
    Have a great day!

  3. Enjoy your "yes" day...and all the adventures you guys will go on.

  4. ooh what a fun day!

    i was just thinking one day she won't be so easy to please. or prefer to hang out with friends instead of mom and dad. so good for you! i wish i could come along with you. if you want to send her to sacramento i promise to spoil her rotten!

    love you.

  5. That was such a sweet post Danielley, love both my baby girls.OX, Mom

  6. Avery, please ask your Mom if you can fly to Seattle today.

  7. Yes!!

    and um...not to be bossy, but i hope there are house pictures forthcoming :)


  8. I like Aunt LeAnn's idea! ha ha!

  9. Just yesterday Janet was telling me about how Marjorie Hinckley "tried hard never to say 'no' if I could possibly say 'yes'."

    You are in good company.

  10. I can't wait to hear how your day went. Such a fun idea to have a yes day. I liked aunt LeAnn's idea too.

  11. I agree with your post and want you to know that you have expired me to have a "Yes" day and many more "Yes" days to follow with my 2 year old!! Thank you.


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